Iraq will be a colony of Iran!
Washington Post / David Ignatius
25-Aug-2009 (5 comments)

But forensic evidence points to a possible Iranian role, according to an Iraqi intelligence source who is close to Shahwani. He said that signatures of the C-4 explosive residues that have been found at the bomb sites are similar to those of Iranian-made explosives that have been captured in Kut, Nasiriyah, Basra and other Iraqi cities since 2006.

Iran's links with Maliki are so close, said this Iraqi intelligence source, that the prime minister uses an Iranian jet with an Iranian crew for his official travel. The Iranians are said to have sent Maliki an offer to help his Dawa Party win at least 49 seats in January's parliamentary elections if Maliki will make changes in his government that Iran wants.


As security unravels in Iraq, U.S. forces there are mostly bystanders. Even in the areas where al-Qaeda operatives remain potent, such as Mosul, the Americans have little control. Sunni terrorists who are arrested are quickly released by the Iraqis in exchange for bribes of up to $100,000, according to an Iraqi source.

Should the Americans try to restore order? The top Iraqi intelligence source answered sadly that it was probably wiser to "stay out of it and be safe." When pressed about what his country would look like in five years, absent American help, he answered bluntly: "Iraq will be a colony of Iran."



Is Iran running the Iraq show?

by peace45 on

As if Iranian people have not suffered enough by these Mullahs, they are gearing up to do the same to Iraqis.  Here is another reason that Iran must be dealt with freeing Iran, two country will be free finally!



US, Israel, UK, France, or IRAN should be there? Your pick!

by gol-dust on

Iran is beating these colonialists at their own game! No wonder they are huffing and puffing trying to scare off Iran by threatening them with the bombing!

We have our own enemy inside the Iran. Why do we need another one outside and inside to be added to this damn regime? I'd rather deal with this devil that I know! One is better than 2 or more!


What is good for regime, will be awful for Iranian people

by peace45 on

Iran's regime may want a "friend" next door, but regime's "friend" is an enemy of Iranian people˜


Everything is "possible"...

by Ostaad on

unforetunately simplistic articles like this never mentions that you can buy Iranian, American, Israeli, British, Saudi and practically any kind of weaponry and explosive on the FREE and OPEN arms market in Iraq.

Iran's aims in having some influence on what transpires in Iraq is more for self defense than expansionism.

Let's not forget that Iran and Iraq have NOT signed a formal PEACE TREATY yet. What exists today and forms the basis of Iran-Iraq relations, is an armistice signed when Khomeini and Saddam were both alive.  But there is no formal peace treaty to govern the state of political/diplomatic relations between Iran and Iraq.

Those two countries have not even finalized the demarcations of their borders especially at Arvand Roud (Shat-al-Arab) and some other parts of the border. According to some reports, there are millions of land mines still laying around on both sides of the border preventing some farmers to till the land and grow crops. To complicate the matter even further these countries have not decided who is going to complete the job of removing them because they are still not clear which areas lay in which country.

Iran-Iraq relations are work in progress and Iran has every right to ensure whoever will be in power in Iraq is a "friend".

It's that simple. 


Shiite Fundamentalist

by vildemose on

Shiite Fundamentalist Coalition Announced
Al-Maliki Might Not win Second Term