Iran softens its nuclear stance - for now
Asia Times / kaveh Afrasiabi
25-Aug-2009 (3 comments)

Equally important is the government's apparent determination to put a stop to alleged rights abuses and place on trial various "rogue officials" who have been involved in illegal behavior such as the torture and rape of prisoners. This would fulfill the president's post-election promise of upholding the law for all - and to respect the right of the opposition to organize and express itself freely.

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Anonymous Observer

Kaveh Afrasiabi?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Give me a break!


Hahahahah, anything that Afrasiabi guys says is nonsensical.

by پیام on

What a waste of the web space.

khaleh mosheh

Kaveh Afrasiabi

by khaleh mosheh on

is a discredited lackey of IRI, spewing his PR for AN incessantly for a humiliating sustainance.