Delphine Minoui suggests that Iran may free Clotild Reiss in exchange for one of Chapour Bakhtiar's Assassins
le figaro / Delphine Minoui
24-Aug-2009 (one comment)

This was published in the Le Figaro Paper today but I have not found this information it on the Figaro Blog yet. According to Le Figaro's international correspondent Delphine Minoui, Clotild Reiss' definitive liberation may depend on Iran's demand to see the liberation of one of the culprits in the assassination of the former Prime Minister of the Shah of IRan, Chapour Bakhtiar. If True this would be a Bitter Ordeal that seems to borrow from the British diplomacy in regard to the Lockerby Terrorist liberated for so called "humanitarian" reasons. The News or rumour has yet to be confirmed.

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I used to get shocked b y British hatred for the French

by fozolie on

and names they called the French, yellow bellied, turncoats etc. Not any more. 

Mr. Fozolie