What's next? he will help Ahmadinejad
17-Aug-2009 (3 comments)

Among the theories making the rounds about Mr. Obama's motivations in trying to force Honduras to take Mr. Zelaya back, there is the hypothesis that this administration is tacking hard to the left. Mr. Obama has expressed the same views on Honduras as Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.), who holds that the interim government must be forced to reinstate Mr. Zelaya and who has, over more than two decades in office, consistently allied himself with socialist causes in Latin America.

As a U.S. senator, Mr. Kerry has the luxury of treating Latin America like his playground, as Democrats have done for decades, foisting on it ideas that Americans reject. Venezuelans still recall how Connecticut's Chris Dodd played the role of chief Chávez cheerleader in the Senate while the strongman was consolidating power.

But Mr. Obama is the president and commander in chief, and millions of people in this hemisphere are counting on the U.S. to stand up to Venezuelan aggression. Playing footsie under the table with Mr. Chávez on Honduras while the Venezuelan is threatening the peace isn't going to fly in a hemisphere that prefers liberty over tyranny.


Why is the Obama administration trying to help Hug

by peace45 on

What's up with Obama and dictators?  Saudi King, Ahmadinejad/Khamenie, Chavez...

It will be nice if he give at least a lip service to human rights activist in Burma, Iran, South Africa, Egypt, etc.. 




by peace45 on

well at least Jimmy Carter did not pretend that he is not lefitie!


That's because...

by Sassan on

Obama is the black Jimmy Carter.