White Racists Want Their America Back.
DailyKos / TomP
06-Aug-2009 (4 comments)

It's not about health care, public options, details of plans. That is not what motivates the opposition we see. It's the end of a way of life in which mediocre whites have better jobs, better lives, better health care, because of their skin privilege. It's the end of an idea, an idea that told some whites that they were better just because their skin was pinkish or "flesh-colored" as Crayola so racistly used to describe.

It is the death rattle of racism. The racists feel it. Their way of life is ending. White privilege is going away. It may take time and there still are many examples of institutionalized racism (differing medical outcomes, diseases, health, lead poisoning, environmental injustice, African Americans overrepresented in poverty, job discrimination, educational discrimination, ... etc.), but the direction is clear.

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Farhad Kashani

Wow, these IRI supporters

by Farhad Kashani on

Wow, these IRI supporters are funny!


Finding every garbage on the internet to somehow bash this country and divert attention from the real racist and bigot regime of IRI to something else!


Suddenly according to DailyKOS which has an audience of “KOS KHOLS”, people who (rightfully or wrongfully) do not want government to become bigger are now labeled “Racists”!!! yeah, these people, people of this country which has hosted close to 45 million immigrants from virtually every country in the world, are now “Racists”! According to these hartless and brainless leftist Iranians, if a white American is proud of his or her heritage, them he/she is a Racist! Anyone else in the world has the right to be proud of who they are except white Americans!


Wow, what a logic!! I am humbled by this…moronic idiocy!


che khabar e

a little touchy maybe?

by che khabar e on

but I'll assume my comment was misunderstood and apologize anyway.  Being a "white racist" is hardly what I was implying.  bottom line is that I enjoyed the article and hope that this is a sign of the times. 



by Q on

induldge me on what you "expected" from me. You thought I was a white racist, or somehow be tied to "old habits"?

I'm continuously amazed about how well you know so many people being how recently you joined the site. Just saying, I don't normally "expect" this from newer people.

che khabar e

Not what I'd expect from you... :-)

by che khabar e on

but a very VERY encouraging article.  I definitely support this "new" America and will be glad to see the old one gone.  The only thing I would say is that I think it's less "white racism" than it is "old habit". 

Going.. going... gone.

Thank you. Q agha.