Iranian regime is already capitalizing White House comments yesterday
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05-Aug-2009 (7 comments)

After-all, Obama is not that smart as you would taught, he lost all his leverage.



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Farhad Kashani

This is for all who thought

by Farhad Kashani on

This is for all who thought Obama is the "saviour"! and the one and only!

So easily some people got manipulated by the Left, its sad. I voted for the guy, but I knew he is going to continue some of Bush's corrct policies and he is not "messiah". Unfortunately blind anti Bushism of the last few years blinded so many people to the truth.

Now they starting to realize.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Capitalizing... /(format)

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I would like to point out that the article (blurb, actually)  is about the size of a pinky toe nail, has zero commentary, and half of it is dedicated to the fact that Obama will not congratulate Ahmadinejad. If this is capitalizing, they are very poor investors.

If you want to look for IR capitalizing on these kinds of things, go to Fars, or Mehr, or Kayhan, or any number of places before you go to Press TV. He said it, they reported it. So did every single solitary media outlet in the entire world. They made far less of a big deal about it, actually.

In fact the article appears concurrently with:


At press tv, there are..governments within governments, spy vs. spy, cloaks and daggers, soccer matches with heads rolling...





Peace45, the format is, your own super title in the super title part, and then the reguar title from the article in the title part. In the blurb box, an excerpt from the article itself (if it is a video, then you just embed the video). This being a VERY short article, you would have to copy the whole thing into the box. What I would then do is say in the comments box that that is the thing in its entirety, so no one woud click to find that there is no more.


Is he "smart" now? Or,...

by Ostaad on

you're still outraged? I hope even you realize that saying something in the WH Press Room in a formal press conference is way different than saying something to a few reporters on the way to the bathroom on Airforce One.

But for those who love to pick up crumbs, I'm sure you call this a victory.


Great win for all those people who called the white house

by peace45 on

White House reverses statement on Iran election




by oktaby on

I don't think the issue is Obama's intelligence although your point is still valid. Obama and U.S. are not in any position to force their hand in Iran and their priority right now if Afghanistan as stated by various administration key players including General Zinni. And we know human rights is only a slogan. I think as Obamania subsides and people realize what is unfolding, it'll be a while and too late. He is the Manchurian candidate but not becuse of his policy on Iran. A better indicator is the the way the 'financial crisis' is being 'managed' and the roosters that will come home to roost.


peace45, why are you repeating yourself?

by Ostaad on

you just posted this on another tread. Alos, who are you trying to convince that Obama is "not that smart", yourself? Because I'm sure a lot of smart people are laughing at your stupid remark, which doesn't even appear anywhere in the Iran TV's piece!

Serious, are you posting from Tel Aviv, where that stupid BIRTHER crazy woman lives??? Are you guys blood relatives by any chance.