Iran boycott plan comforts Israelis
The Australian
03-Aug-2009 (7 comments)

The nature of American-sponsored sanctions was spelled out publicly for the first time yesterday by Israeli officials who had taken part in the meetings.

The sanctions would focus at first on curbing Iran's ability to import petrol. Although the country has one of the largest oil deposits in the world, it has limited refining capacity. General Jones said 67 US senators had so far signed on to such sanctions.

The Americans are also proposing financial sanctions, including the banning of insurance on trade deals with Iran which would make it difficult for Iran to conduct trade. Sanctions may also be imposed on any company in the world that trades with Iran.

If these steps do not work, Washington may go to the next stage, which includes banning Iranian ships from Western ports and Iranian planes from landing at Western airports.

Washington is forging its list of sanctions with Germany, France and Britain. Russia and China have rejected such steps.

General Jones reportedly told the Israelis that Mr Obama would soon visit China and try to persuade its leaders to join in.


all about Israeli "comfort"...

by Q on

This isn't a joke. The only thing we can be sure of is the complete failure of these proposals, which the Taliban faction would welcome. I'm SURE not having transportation, food and drugs (carried by trucks) will do WONDERS for the Green movement and hurt only the bad guys!!! Has 50 years of sanctions changed anything in Cuba? Would turning Iran into isolated North Korea solve anything? Why is the Obama administration being so STUPID?



Obama is not stupid

by XerXes on

He knows very well that if Iran is left alone it will move closer to democracy. Why would the Israeli warmongers want that? They live by threat.
It all comes down to oil, energy and Israeli mission to survive. Israelis love Mahmoud and the conservative clergies because they define themselves with threat.
That's how they get funded by the US, and uninformed US citizens paying the tab and there don't seem to be an end.
Obama knows this stuff well, but what can he do? US is a direct colony of Israel.
It makes you wonder now why Hitler did what he did.


All sanctions against Iran must be lifted...

by Ostaad on

ASAP! The sanctions only hurt the livelihoods, jobs and economic well being of the very people who are standing up to the regime to restore their civil/human rights.

Iran's enemies are not just interested in hurting the regime. They hate Iran, the Iranians and all they stand for because the "uppity" Iranians dared to stand up to them.




If that becomes a realities

by Bavafa on

I sure hope Iran stops exporting oil and maybe the sanction will help them to become a bit more self sufficient.  I know it is going to hurt ordinary people at least in a short run, but the it may just help Iran in a long run.


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

I believe President Obama is the only sane one in this equation but what choices does he have? He needs the pro Israeli Lobby lawmakers votes to pass his Healthcare Bill as we speak. The supporters of Israeli Lobby are well-entranched and well-placed. We all know Sanctions will hurt ordinary Iraninans and at the same time will give a reason to the ruling class in Iran to continue the repression of their opponents.

Meanwhile Iran has other alternatives, countries like China and Russia are not going to support sanctions and eventually these Sanctions will fail too.

Little Tweet

Sanctions kill

by Little Tweet on

Sanctions kill people every day but never killed the governments. So many examples so little time.


Airtight sanctions

by Fred on

To quicken the fall of the Islamist cutthroats republic which is raping, torturing and murdering Iranians around the clock total sanction is a must.