A Turning Point in Iran: The Eclipse of the President
enduringamerica.com / Scott Lucas
25-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is now President of the Islamic Republic of Iran in little more than name. Last night’s dramatic turn of events, with the First Vice President Esfandiar Rahim-Mashai “resigning”, was the most public of humiliations for Ahmadinejad, even if many in the non-Iranian media were slow to figure out what had occurred.

We were saying as early as 16 June that the President was a relatively weak actor in the post-election play. His position was almost completely dependent on the Supreme Leader’s decision to declare his electoral “victory”, and after his far too-bold declaration of triumph over the “dust” of his opposition on 13-14 June, he quickly disappeared from the central stage. There were halting attempts to regain some authority, such as a national television address and an appearance in Mashaad, but these turned from serious political drama into farce. (In retrospect, the moment when a Giant Mysterious Bug defeated Ahmadinejad during his TV speech may be the symbolic moment when the President was put in his place, although the YouTube video of Mahmoud and his Multi-Coloured Charts should not be missed, either.)

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Ms. Janaveh

by capt_ayhab on

Thank you so kindly for joining me in my rants. And thank you  ever so much for thinking me as so young  - blushing ;-).

I was raised by those films, since I am 60's child[more like adolescent in the 60's]. The man is disgrace, not just because he is uglier that a monkey but because he is  pure evil.



Aye aye Capt ayhab

by javaneh29 on

Your rantings are completely understood ... I join you.

I always thought Ahmadj looked like he should have been in 'Plant of the Apes' ( incase you dont remember it, it was a tv programme from the '60's) .... he wouldnt have needed any time in make up!

He is dispicable, disgusting, deceitful, devilish, devious ( well it begins with 'd' I actually dont he's clever enough to be devious). I could go on ....... and on .




by capt_ayhab on

I didn't know that the monkey ever had any power. I thought he is only an ugly NOKAR of the sepah and Khamenie. The man has no integrity nor any honor. He is just there to FETCH things for his genocidal master like a well trained dirty dog that he is. [my apologies to all the real dogs, including my own].

Ma dige che badbakht shodim toro khoda ke in kesafat e nokar sefat shodeh reise mamlekat.

Sorry for that rants Ms. Javaneh