Mixed Feelings
23-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

The Saudis and their Sunni royal family also fear that the Iranians
will stir up the large Shia minority in their oil-rich Dhahran province
in the east. In the past few years the Saudi and Egyptian governments
have occasionally let their media descend into anti-Shia bigotry and
old-fashioned Persia-bashing.

But their officials have generally stayed silent, resisting the
temptation to tweak the noses of the ruling clergy in Tehran, since
they rail against interference from outside when it comes to their own
politics. But they have been quite happy to let the state media
ridicule Mr Ahmadinejad.

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by capt_ayhab on

Ever since the movement began in Iran, they[most Arab countries] fearing that their own youth might rise up, have been censoring all the news, internet and satellite pertaining to the Iran and demonstrations.

And yes, they are scared sh!tless[pardon the french].



Indeed they are confused

by IranFirst on

Thanks for the article. IRI should send Antari to Arabs to keep them and Iranians happy . It seems his stupid words are so admired by them

"..They tend to admire Mr Ahmadinejad’s fierce hostility to America and
Israel, and are ashamed of their own governments’ far more pliable
attitudes on that score. They also tend to believe official Iranian
claims that American and Western agents have been trying to stir up a
“colour revolution” in Iran. Yet, as they saw the pictures of hundreds
of thousands of people taking to the street, they will have been
envious too. However flawed Iran’s version of democracy, it still looks
more a lot more real than the typical Arab one.