An Ahl-e Haqq prisoner was hanged last Sunday
Iran Press Watch
16-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

According to reports received, another Ahl-e Haqq prisoner was executed in the central prison facility of Urumiyeh (Urmia). In 2004, Yones Aghayan, a native of Miyandoab, and four other individuals belonging to the same religion were arrested by the security agents in an upheaval known as the Uj-Tapeh Village incident.  In the subsequent trial, he was charged
with moharebeh [literally, “fighting” in classical Arabic. Moharebeh is the term used in Iran’s Sharia law to describe a major crime committed against Islam and the state, and it carries a punishment ranging from imprisonment to death – translator] and
sentenced to death.

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Che 'Ajab!

by Zulfiqar110 on

Ahl-e Haqq o Iran Press Watch sanana?

Could it be because the sole, exclusive Baha'i focus of IPW -coupled with the fact that before the June 12th farcical (s)election people were chanting pro-Ahl-i-Haqq slogans prominently first before chanting those for Baha'is - has inspired (or, rather gratuitously prompted) IPW to a token reporting of this most persecuted minority in Iran for appearances sake and as a face saving measure? Hmmmm.... 

The Ahl-e Haqq have been the target of the mullahs relentless persecution and brutality far more often than any minority group in Iran, and in fact long before even the Baha'is experienced their first incident under the IRI. Where was IPW before?

BTW, Adib jun-i-khoshkel, there is an entry on you coming very soon over at SW. Stay tuned, doost-i-koochooloo-i-naaz o maamaanee.

Ghorbooneh-i-Qad o Baalaat.

rosie is roxy is roshan

I just read an item about how..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

this past May three Sunni terrorists were executed in Iran for blowing up a Shia mosque. And well it seems they really were terrorists but here's the thing. They were hanged THREE DAYS after the incident.

Three days to imprison try and execute people charged with commiting a capital crime?

What kind of justice system is that?