Rights group says death toll in Iran far exceeds official claims
TelevisionWashington.com / WashingtonTV

Updated: Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Washington, 15 July (WashingtonTV)—The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said on Wednesday that at least 34 people were killed during protests in Tehran on 20 June, more than three times the number announced by authorities.

The New York-based human rights group noted that the Iranian government reported that 11 protesters had been killed that day, in a demonstration against the official result of the disputed 12 June presidential election.

However, the group said that the death toll was at least 34, based on information collected by medical staff with access to the morgue records of three Tehran hospitals.

“Imam Khomeini Hospital had 19 bodies; Rasool Akram Hospital eight bodies and Loghman Hospital seven bodies,” the group said in a statement.

It said that there were other hospitals near the demonstrations that could have also received dead or injured protesters.

Iran’s police said that 20 people were killed in the post-election unrest. However, the human rights group said that many of those assumed to have been held in detention may also be dead.

“Despite official obfuscation and denials, reliable information is accumulating suggesting that hundreds of protesters were slaughtered during the demonstrations,” said Aaron Rhodes, a spokesperson for the group.

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