Funeral held for Iranian teen killed in post-election unrest / WashingtonTV

Nineteen-year old Iranian, Sohrab A’rabi, among the 20 people that authorities say were killed in the unrest following the disputed 12 June presidential election, was laid to rest at Tehran’s Beheshteh Zahra cemetery on Monday.

His body was returned to his family yesterday, nearly one month after he went missing during a demonstration in the capital on 15 June, says the New York-based International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

A’rabi’s family had no information about his whereabouts until 11 July, when officials contacted them and asked them to identify Sohrab from among several photographs of corpses.

According to family members who spoke with that human rights group, the coroner’s office on 19 June listed the cause of death as a gunshot wound.

The campaign yesterday called for an “independent investigation and a full account” of the causes of A’rabi’s death, and appropriate follow-up by the Judiciary.

“Such an investigation should also disclose why the authorities waited so long to tell a mother of her son’s death,” the campaign said in a statement. >>>