Britain Revokes Licenses for Arms Exports to Israel
washington post
13-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

JERUSALEM, July 13 -- Britain has revoked five licenses for arms exports to Israel after reviewing how British-provided equipment was used during Israel's three-week war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, officials in both nations said Monday.


Now only if US had the "balls" to do the same

by Bavafa on

Those who gives them (both sides) arms to kill, are accomplice in this crime and should be held to be accountable



Is the original poster that naive?

by fozolie on


Who gave the mandate for Israel? The Brits! 

Who created Kassifestan where all the Islamic terrorism comes from today? The Brits!

Mr. Fozolie

anonymous fish

just curious

by anonymous fish on

So now the washington post is a credible source?  :-0