Obama Exclusive Interview
Sky News / Adam Boulton
12-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

President Barack Obama is interviewed exclusively by Sky's political editor Adam Boulton. See the conversation in full:


Conduct of Foreign Policy is all about STYLE?

by fozolie on

See what he says about Afghanistan and how badly the US needs to put a multilateral face on things. It is the difference between, befarmaeed benshinid, beshin and betamarg and that is all that seems to distinguish Obama, otherwise business as usual?



US Foriegn Policy Formulated in Tel Aviv !

by wgm1919 on

US has lost control over many of its national resources, tools of diplomacy, and ways it portrays itself in the world today -- thanks to W's 8 years of disaster.. As for US foriegn policy it is formultaed in Tel Aviv by the Zio-Nazis blood suckers and no wonder US has become a loser in the international arena. Whether President Obama is the man to change that or not is to be seen.