Israel's Red Line: The S-300 Missile System / Dave Majumdar
11-Jul-2009 (6 comments)

Four Israel Defense Forces (IDF) F-15I Ra’am warplanes skim along just 100 feet above the arid desert landscape, flying at just below the speed of sound. The four jets form just one of many Israeli strike packages on their way to strike Iranian nuclear facilities hidden deep underground all over that country.

But, as the strike fighters streak towards their targets, almost without warning the lead F-15I explodes as it is hit by a surface-to-air missile. As the rest of the flight desperately begins evasive manoeuvres, a second F-15 is obliterated before the pilots can bail out, and more of the deadly missiles are on their way towards the remaining Israeli jets.

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Anonymous111 - I think you are me but thank you


I am glad to hear that there ae mor epeople that who think like me

thanks for speaking n my behalf

Damet garm




khaleh mosheh

Shah Ghollam

by khaleh mosheh on

Oh I can see clearly now..Your IRI masters have the stomach for a plethora of opposing views:


(thanks to Iranfirst for the link) 

Shah Ghollam

Mis. Payam

by Shah Ghollam on

just in case you missed the following news post which your Zionists brother has written. I hope you beleive him more than I:




I had no choice but to flag you as an abuser to You have lost it and are no longer fit for audience.

Clearly you have "No" stomach" for opposing view and therefore you as a worse dictaorship worshiper than you claim the IRI to be. Democracy is not a slogan, it is hard work with much responsibility that you don't seem to have the capacity for or simply don't believe in. God forbid if Iran falls in hands such as yours.



Shah Gollam

by Anonymous111 on

Fuck Israel, Fuck Palestine, Fuck Lebanon, Fuck Syria...and most important of all: Fuck YOU.

This site is about the people of Iran.  If you hate Israel so much, be a man, buy a ticket, get out of whatever western city you comfortably live in, put your money where your sick mouth is, travel to Gaza, South Lebanon or the West Bank, strap on a suicide belt and blow your filthy, smelly self up at an Israeli check point.  At least that way, in death, you will give yourself the credibility that you so desprately lack in life.  Short of that, you're just a chicken hawk: all talk, but no action!

Shah Ghollam

Eat your heart out

by Shah Ghollam on

I am afraid you and Israel will at best be sucking your thumbs while unable to scratch Iran militarily.

Iran's military, though may not have all the advance gadgets that Israel gets free at the US taxpayer expense, has invested quite smartly in technologies to create a painful response to Israeli attack.

It it was anything else, Iran would have been attacked by the US and Israel a long time ago much like Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanestan.

Boasting is easy, however, one hard look on the ground tells a whole different story.

"Iran cannot be defeated militarily", you should get used to this reality.


Another funny article possted by sed Ali's jester at

by پیام on

Israel is gonna f... us up man. Why don't you morons get it? Iran's "military might" is a "table too khali, and very pooshali". Don't annoy these zionists or they will attack Iran and you and your kind ( Basiji's) can not defend sed Ali and all the rest of us will be colattral dammage.

Shah Gholam, you are btw very "khial parvar". It seems that this disease is contagous and you might have caught it from the biggest "khial baaf", Ahmaghi/Antari-nejad.