Dubai Police stop Iranians from signing anti-Ahmadinejad petition / WashingtonTV
06-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

Dubai Police on Sunday blocked Iranian protesters from signing a petition against Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Dubai-based National newspaper reported.

Some 100 Iranian had gathered to sign a green banner in protest to the recent events in Iran following the disputed 12 June presidential election.

However, police stopped them from putting their signatures on the banner, telling them that they were forbidden from sending official petitions from United Arab Emirates soil, as Iran and the UAE have diplomatic ties.

The protesters are seeking to create the longest scroll made out of cloth, by joining it with other green banners being signed by protesters around the world, which state “Ahmadinejad is not Iran’s president.” >>>



mahmoudg , wrong as usual

by XerXes (not verified) on

It is not "Arab Mullahs" that are getting/hurting the people. It is actually secular militias who have taken Iran hostage today. The "Mullas" that you are referring to are mostly either watched, in prison or in house arrest.

If you can't distinguish enemy vs. pro people forces, then you don't know anything, specially about Iran.

It's racist, dictatorial and ignorant to judge people based on their beliefs or clothing rather than what they say or what they stand for.

The actual hope for Iran at this point is the clergy leadership that can stand against this coup, be a leader and help reforms in Iran. Iranians want reform, Mullas that are with people should be recognized and those who are against the people should be kicked out.

Don't bundle the entity together and turn your back against those who can help the people. That's not smart.


nokia siemens dubai russia, we will never forget

by mydayiscoming (not verified) on

Obviously the arabs are going to try to stop iranians from getting rid of the mullahs, the hand that has been feeding them all these years is about to get chopped off. I guess the sheiks are shaking in there boots (sorry I just had to say it).


Arabs would gain from this

by mahmoudg on

Of course, these dirty Arabs would gain from colluding with their masters (themselves Arab implants) in Iran.  All those half finished construction projects need heavy cash infusion and who better that the Arab Mullahs ruling Iran to pour the hard earned Persian money into the Arabian peninsula.