Kennedy's Democratic Party is dead!
WS / Bill Kirstol
04-Jul-2009 (6 comments)

Obama doing absolutely nothing to help the Iranian people: “‘The political situation in Iran is for the Iranians to work out internally,’ said Obama’s U.N. ambassador, Susan Rice. So much for standing with the Iranian people who are fighting to vindicate (Jefferson again) ‘the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of god.’ Hillary Clinton–remember her? Barack Obama’s increasingly marginalized secretary of state–said a couple of months ago, ‘Let’s put ideology aside; that is so yesterday.’ Well, it’s increasingly clear that John F. Kennedy’s Democratic party–the one that stood for freedom, that acted on behalf of freedom–is so yesterday, too.”

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Danish government is doing more than America!

by Anonymous on

its funny how all the commentator attack the messenger instead of commenting which part of this article is not true.

Obama is dictator pleaser he is not JFK wonder they want Hillary clinton to shut up and they have not allow her on any TV shows for interviews at all.

All revolutions need help and right now Danish government is doing more than anyone else.



by wgm1919 on

Bill Kristol is a hated individual among most Americans. He is among those who are in the pocket of zio-nazis, supported Iraq war (which has caused millions of death and displacement in Iraq), and with the order of Zio-Nazis wants to have Iran bombed. One should be real desparate and empty to listen and support his points of view.  I don't.



Can iranians make up their mind??

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

If americans help, then you will cry that they have interfered, and if they don't then nothing changes in Iran. I guess iranians are stupider than arabs after all..


Iranians must do this on their own if they want to be free

by Bavafa on

Otherwise, they will become slaves to another dictator.   They need to be united against any outside force and against the current unrepublic of Iran.



Message from Iranians to Bill Kristol

by Q on

please STFU.


Obama must be doing something right that...

by Ostaad on

a right wing chicken hawk is so turned off. Krystol and other neo-con(artists) have never given a damn about Iran and the Iranians. Krystol and others in the NRO dance to the sheet music given to them by AIPAC.

Obama's treatment of the Iranian "affair" is wise, measured and sustainable. Krystol and the whole right wing of the US Taleban/Israel-firsters have been flushed down the toilette by the American people, so they are trying to score points and be counted by pretending the care for the Iranians. Krystol and others like him hate everything Iranian because they are the only nation in the ME who has managed to stand up to the US and resist being dominated by it like the other countries in the ME.

I supportg Obam's handling of the Iranian uprising and I hope he stays the course. Let the Zionista foam in the mouth. They failed to defeat Obama's election bid by SPAM to millions of votes accusing him of being a Muslim, not an American cistizen and a commi. None of that has workded and it will never do.