Attacks, arrests slowing online news from Iran
CNN / Doug Gross
02-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

Bloody attacks and midnight arrests, combined with a regime growing more technologically savvy, have begun stemming the flow of online information from dissidents in Iran, activists and human rights officials say. Once emboldened by their ability to dodge the government and spread news about their protests to the world, many in the youth-driven protest movement, they say, are now scared of the consequences of getting caught. "It's absolutely chilling," said Drewery Dyke, a member of human rights group Amnesty International's Iran team. "The level of fear that has permeated society now, in terms of this issue, is palpable. It's striking. "There's an absolute hunkering down by the people." Since June 12, when disputed election results sent tens of thousands of Iranians into the streets to protest, the world has gotten a front-row view of the unrest thanks largely to dissidents using online tools to spread the news. But as days have turned to weeks, there's been a sharp drop in the number of messages, pictures and videos that supporters outside the country have been receiving.

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Divareh HASHA bolandeh

by Anonymousx (not verified) on



CNN and others routinely and repeatedly decalare...

by Ostaad on

the "news" they broadcast is not verified by "independent" observesr, and they are offering the accounts about the evens "as is". The alternative would have been a news blackout about Iran, which is exactly what the regime wants. I'd rather have the "news" twitted and emailed to the media by whomever. At this point is should be up to the reader/listener/viewer to discern what "sounds" true and what doesn't.

CNN and Fox are not the only corporate media outlets that are engaged in rumor mongering about Iran, 100% of US and EU based corporate media outlets have become nothing more than "news" tabloids.

Thank god for the Internet, and as I have said before, buyer beware with it comes to these corporate news candy shops.

One thing is clear, the regime in Iran would have treated the people much worse, if someone were not watching and telling the world about their crimes. 


CNN News Does Not Need News Verification ...

by wgm1919 on

CNN says whatever it wishes to say, usually without verification. They present videos from YOUTUBE and the like about events that may have happened some time ago and attribute it to "today's events". Therefore, they are really like FOX NEWS. (President Obama had said about FOX during the campain that if he were watching FOX, he would NOT vote for himself).

A fellow by the name Reza Sayah from CNN reports events that has never occured, but "someone" (an unknown person -- not a reporter) has emailed to him from Iran, etc. Now imagine that this someone is one of the zio-nazi agents or the like. Is that reporting? Nowadays news and journalism in USA has become like the Shah's era jounalism in Iran -- not credible.

Go figure.