Amnesty details Gaza 'war crimes'
BBC News
02-Jul-2009 (4 comments)

Israel committed war crimes and carried out reckless attacks and acts of wanton destruction in its Gaza offensive, an independent human rights report says.

Hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed using high-precision weapons, while others were shot at close range, the group Amnesty International says.

Its report also calls rocket attacks by Palestinian militants war crimes and accuses Hamas of endangering civilians.

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Farhad Kashani

Bavafa,   The one who

by Farhad Kashani on



The one who said “bring it on” also said IRI is a terrorist, and a war mongerer, and a murderer, and oppressor of its people. Well, the world recently discovered what he said was absolutely true. And the ones who supported and “still support” that Fascist regime and called him a “neo con” and this and that, have already said to themselves “ajab ghohi khordam”. And some of them actually came out and had the decency to say it in public. What do you think Mousavi is saying? He’s saying “Ghoh khordam” for the things I did beginning of the revolution.


So, saying “Ghoh Khordam” is not a bad thing if you’ve done bad things in the past. That’s why Mousavi is loved. However, someone like you not saying that and staying on the course of supporting a Fascist regime is treason to Iran and its values and its people, and those folks will end up saying “Goh Khordam” anyway eventually, however, in a more humiliating fashion. So I recommend you to do the right thing.




by who cares (not verified) on

so its funny this Bivafa can use any language he wants but the moderator will censor anything against him with the same language!
any how like the last comment, who gives a Sh####t when there are more important things going on in Iran



by Anonymous Man (not verified) on

But I don't give a s##t. More important things happening in my own country. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Farhad Kashani

Bavafa,   What a loser

by Farhad Kashani on



What a loser IRI supporters like you are! You’re delusional and twisted blind pro IRI anti Americanism has led you to rush to spit propaganda that will eventually come back and bite you in the arc!


Amnesty International has always been one of the biggest criticizers of the Fascist IRI regime. Here’s a link:




You can overlook Amnesty’s harsh condemnation of IRI’s barbaric actions, but Iranians and people of the world won’t!


Bring it on partner! I’ll be waiting here for you exposing your pathetic and childish false outdated propaganda!


Death to the dictator and its supporters!