Arrested, Beaten and Raped: an Iran Protester's Tale
The Guardian / Esfandiar Poorgiv (pseudonym)
01-Jul-2009 (14 comments)

Afshin, a shopkeeper from south-west Iran, alleges that one of his friends was beaten and repeatedly raped after being arrested at an opposition rally after last month's disputed election. He gave this account to Esfandiar Poorgiv, a journalist and academic. It is published here as part of the Guardian's project to trace those killed and detained during the unrest. The Guardian has been unable to independently verify the account

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by capt_ayhab on

Those worriers who have been tortured, beaten and raped[women and men alike] have more dignity in their bruised and beaten little  fingers than every pathetic, shameless and criminal IR supporter put together in this site.

They are heroes[PERIOD]



I still hear my mom's cries


This regime is non human

 It is worst than the devil. It is the most evil of all. People who support them, belived in them and have ever worked for them I hope they go to hell. 


The anguish, the pain and suffering they have cause is tremendous. 




Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

The person who I referred to was a close family member as well.  Someone who I grew up with.  That is why people like you and I who have witnessed the true evil nature of this regime have been consistent in our criticsim of it.  Because we know what kind of a monster hides behind the veil and facade of a "modern Islamic regime".  Unfortunately, it had to take yet another carnage, another wave of mass arrests, torture and indiscriminate killing on the streets for many on this site and around the world to come to their senses and see what kind of an evil they were defending.  Some, again unfortunately, still have the audacity to defend these murderers. 


had several family members very close one exectuted in Evin


It was funny we use to have the Friday nights at each relative house on weekly basis, between Tehran and karaj

 both came a Friday night at our house, she was very funny. I was 9 then. She dsiplayed the puppet shopw "Asemun Rismun"


two weeks later my mom sat at the kitchen table while my aunt with her arms around her


she, her brother and sevral other were detained by the regime tow days later they left our house and executed few days later.


Their bodies were capitated and put in black garbage bags given to their parent. They were not allowed to mourn, to do any islamic burial.



Anonymous Observer

On a Personal Note

by Anonymous Observer on

I have seen the inside of Adel Abad prison under the IRI.  I wasn't a detainee, but I had gone there to visit a very brave young man--an IRI political prisoner-- who did not survive IRI's gallows.  It's a scary and dark place... may he rest in peace. 


For years I have been talking about this


Iranian women been gang raped by the basijis in the name of Islam and their religion

In Iran if a women is about to been executed they rape her until she is dead

 smae goes for boys and men


Khamenei, IRI supporters and those who live here or anywhere that go to Mosque and belive in the islamic Republic of Iran I hope you, your familes your kids all die from the worst diseases






To KouroshS and the rest of IR gang

by LOL (not verified) on

For facts, please refer to IRNA, ISNA and Press TV ... lol

Maryam Hojjat

Shame on IRI & Its Thugs

by Maryam Hojjat on

Shame on these animals IRI.  Shame on the Rahbar & All Iyatollahs.  Shame on Islam they profess. 

Down with IRI 


Give us the facts then!!!

by KouroshS on


Where are the facts then? WHere the Fuck are they? why don't you go and dig some facts up for us instead of being a ultra-smart ass?


To Ramtin: Do you know why

by Nima1 (not verified) on

To Ramtin: Do you know why we believe everything we read against the IRI these days? especially if it comes from a credible, independent media source? It is because the Islamic government of Iran lost all of its credibility long ago when they shut down hundreds of newspapers, arrested journalists and political activists, attacked student dormitories, silenced peacefull demonstrations, and tortured Zahra Kazemi to death. We will never forget the crimes of the IRI, Never!


I love Iranians

by Ramtin (not verified) on

They believe everything they read as long as its what they want to believe. Who cares about anything else like facts.


our time will come.

by R__ (not verified) on

will come a day when we will win this war we will all go back to iran and i promise that i will kill atleast 100 basiji with my bare hands no knife no guns i will rip em appart empty handed....


"nobody loses his dignity

by Nima1 (not verified) on

"nobody loses his dignity this way" Shame on IRI


I totally believe it! They are bastards!

by gol-dust on

Shame on them!