Suspicious ballot photos posted by Iran state media
Huffington Post / Nico Pitney
30-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

"These are images from the recent Guardians Council TV broadcast session where they 'recounted' some ballot boxes and found out that indeed Ahmadinejad's votes were higher than previously counted. These pictures show two things very clearly: 1) that a whole lot of the ballots that are being recounted are fresh, crisp, unfolded sheets - which makes no sense, given that people typically had to fold these sheets before they can slip them into the ballot boxes, and 2) that the handwriting on so many of the sheets which are votes for 'Ahmadinejad' are the same handwriting (and very clearly so)."

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anonymous fish

so sad

by anonymous fish on

What is so very sad and disappointing is that there are still those who would support this election as being credible.  And those who would support THOSE WHO SUPPORT THAT BELIEF.  Where does the evil stop?


I'm wondering...

by IraniWoman (not verified) on

...if Mr. Kadivar's original comment, paraphrasing here, Khak tu sar-e mellat-e olaagh, has any truth here.

I can imagine illiterate citizens asking the same person to write their ballot down. Could it be? Could it be that no matter how many literate intelligent people we have back home, the illiterate still are the majority? To whom do we owe this? We can boast of 60% women students in our universities, but could it be?

My heart goes out to the women in Iran now, old and young, religious and non-, literate and not; they could not have seen this coming if it is true.

-female hamvatan