Israel approves 50 settler homes
BBC News
29-Jun-2009 (4 comments)

Israel has approved the construction of 50 new housing units in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Officials said the homes would house settlers being moved from a nearby unauthorised outpost and were only the first part of an expansion plan.

The move runs counter to a demand by Israel's major ally and backer, the US, that it stop all settlement activity on occupied Palestinian land.

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Farhad Kashani

Bavafa,   I’ll tell

by Farhad Kashani on



I’ll tell you the same thing I told your other pro IRI Fascism delusional friend.


Its funny, and as if we don’t understand your pro Fascist IRI propaganda, you have been acting oblivious for the last 30 years to all the crimes committed by IRI in our country. And recently, with IRI’s latest brutality, you like to divert attention from Iran to somewhere else, preferably somewhere that you can somehow someway criticize America while doing that!


Well guess what, Iraq’s democracy, which was achieved through American soldier and Iraqi civilian and non civilian’s sacrifices, is a dream for all the Iranians living under IRIs oppression. Remember all the dumb arguments by your like-minded delusional leftists in the media and some groups that used to be made about IRI having some “form” of democracy and Iraq’s democracy “not being legit!” Well, that has all shattered, forever.


Furthermore, any Iranian who truly loves Iran and cares about the lives and dignity of Iranian people, only pays attention to what’s going on in Iran right now, not in Israel or Iraq or anywhere else. Obviously, just like your beloved IRI regime, Iranian life means nothing to you. As long as you can somehow satisfy your sick and blind anti American desires, who cares what happens to Iran, right?


Your beloved IRI and its supporters like you tried this propaganda for 30 years. What did you gain? If your regime had any molecule amount of legitimacy before these last event, that also has gone.


So, like I said, keep joining IRIs sinking ship! Let me help you get on it. It will be my outmost pleasure!



Your land is my land

by net&yaboo (not verified) on

your land is my land,my land is mine also.
can we give TEXAS to israel to STOp the killings!!



Khialam Rahat Shod

by NMNMNM (not verified) on

I had put a down payment on one and didn't want to lose it. I'm glad the permits were approved. It's gonna be great: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a swimming pool. I'll have you over for chelo kabab, falafel and humus when the house is done.

Shah Ghollam

  Obama's next moves

by Shah Ghollam on


Obama's next moves will prove how serious he is in his outlined agenda or he is .......!