The CIA and the Iranian experiment / Thierry Meyssan
29-Jun-2009 (5 comments)

First, SMS were sent during the night of the counting of the votes, according to which the Guardian Council of the Constitution (equivalent to a constitutional court) had informed Mir-Hossein Mousavi of his victory. After that, the announcing of the official results — the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with 64 % of cast votes — seemed like a huge fraud. However, three days earlier, M. Mousavi and his friends were considering a massive victory of M. Ahmadinejad as certain and were trying to explain it by unbalanced campaigns. Indeed the ex president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was detailing his grievances in an open letter. The US polling institutes in Iran were predicting a 20 points lead for M. Ahmadinejad over M. Mousavi. M. Mousavi victory never seemed possible, even if it is probable that some fraud accentuated the margin between the two candidates.

Secondly, Iranian citizens were selected or volunteered on the Internet to chat on Facebook or to subscribe to Twitter feeds. They received information —true or false— (still via SMS) about the evolution of the political crisis and the ongoing demonstrations. These anonymous news posts were spreading news of gun fights and numerous deaths which to this day have not been confirmed. Because of an unfortunate calendar overlap, Twitter was supposed to suspend its service for a night to allow for some maintenance of its systems. The US State Department intervened to ask them to postpone it. According to the New... >>>

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Iran dissidents spending bill?

by Gomnaam (not verified) on

What happened to the funds that Congress allocated to "Iranian Dissidents" during the Bush administration?


If this is true...

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... then Rosie is a CIA operative here. :)


شاه غلام جان،


جناب عالی‌ مثل اینکه از این آدم کشها خیلی‌ خوشتون میاد. هر چی‌ تا به حال پست کردی در دفاع از آخوند‌ها بوده. بابا، سازمان سیا خیلی‌ دسیسه گر هست، اما قرار نیست هر جا اتفاقی افتاد دست اون‌ها در میون باشه و توطئه‌ای در کار باشه.



Little helpers

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Turning to Meyssan is a sure sign of desperation on the part of Islamist cutthroats' republic little helpers. The older the little helpers are the more desperate.