Reporter Discusses Rifts that He Has Seen Among the Iranian Leadership
BBC / John Simpson
25-Jun-2009 (one comment)

For reasons best not explained, I've come to know a former member of the Revolutionary Guards really well, He's done some pretty dreadful things in his life, from attacking women in the streets for not wearing the full Islamic gear to fighting alongside Islamic revolutionaries in countries abroad. And yet now, in the tumult that has gripped Iran since its elections last week, he's had a change of heart. He's become a backer of Mir Hossein Mousavi, the reformist candidate who alleges fraud in the elections. He's saved up the money to send his son to a private school abroad, and he loathes President Ahmadinejad.

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Iran will be a Purely Islamic state

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Ahmadinejad/Mesbah Yazdi/Mojtaba Khamenie Coup to have an Islamic government without the Republic.


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