Protests Continue Despite Government Crack Down
BBC & Others
23-Jun-2009 (one comment)

Despite Iranian government news blcok and propoganda that tries to portray protests as dying down, there is evidence that protests continued across Iran yesterday, June 22, 2009, and are continuing today, June 23, 2009 as well.  This is footage of protests in Kermanshah yesterday.  In the comments section, I will post footage of protests in Tabriz as well.  There are also reports of a large protest taking place today in Tabriz. 

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

This is a link to footage of protest in Tabriz yesterday.


These are very brave peopple who are literally putting their lives on the line so that our country can free itself from tyranny.  Please support them and post videos and news about their protests inside Iran so that the world can hear their voices and know that they are not afraid and are not backing down.