Ex-Crown Prince Pahlavi urges support for Iran protesters
TelevisionWashington.com / WashingtonTV

Updated: Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Washington, 22 June (WashingtonTV)—Reza Pahlavi, the former Crown Prince of Iran, on Monday expressed support for the Iranian protest movement and urged Western governments to find a way of “standing firm” against human rights violations in Iran without allowing the Iranian authorities to define this support as “interference in a nation’s affairs”.

Speaking at a press conference to a packed National Press Club, Pahlavi applauded Western politicians for not interfering in Iran’s internal affairs, lest it give the “tyrants” who control Iran, an excuse to label Iranians struggling for freedom as “foreign agents”.

However, he added that they must find a way to “separate the issue of what could be argued or painted as interference in a nation’s affairs, from the issue of standing firm on the question of human rights violation.”

 “Let’s not have the regime in Iran define what interference is and what’s not,” Pahlavi urged.

He also referred to the important role of journalists and the media in relaying information on the political crisis in Iran, and urged the international media to act as “the information artery connecting different parts of the freedom movement in Iran by globally spreading the messages coming from protesters inside the country.”

Addressing the media, he added: “Only an info... >>>