Is War between Iran and Israel Inevitable?
Spiegel / Erich Follath
22-Jun-2009 (8 comments)

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 59, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 52, are twins in spirit, which is not to imply in any way that they are morally equivalent. Both men are convinced of the absolute validity of their beliefs, both are obsessed by what they see as their higher calling, and both are convinced that theirs is a Messianic mission -- a mission to "honor" a religion or "save" a people.

There is every indication that the coming nuclear negotiations between Washington and Tehran -- if, indeed, they begin in the next few months with Ahmadinejad still Iranian president -- will end in a stalemate by the end of the year. If that happens, US President Barack Obama will push for tougher sanctions against Tehran in early 2010, with the reluctant support of the Russians and Chinese. The leadership in Tehran will interpret this as an aggressive act and will likely speed up its uranium enrichment, meaning that Iran will only be a few months away from having the capability to build a nuclear bomb. At some point next spring, things could have proceeded so far that the Israelis could decide, even without Washington's approval, to launch attacks against Iranian nuclear facilities. The entire Middle East would see thousands of casualties, and the consequences for the global economy would be devastating.

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Farhad Kashani

Q, everything you stood for has collapsed!

by Farhad Kashani on

Q, I’m gonna use your terminology …”tu ki bashi” to come out here and justify for a dying regime? I told you before, seems like you’re really into this regime, so let me help you jump on their sinking ship!!


I know your beloved regime is looking and trying very very hard to somehow blame this on the outside world, but, as if this trick worked before anyways, now, it has absolutely lost any credibility.


So, at a time when our Neda’s are being massacred by the regime, keep perpetuating our anti Israeli propaganda in a pathetic attempt to divert attention on what’s going on in Iran in favor of a Fascist regime. This didn’t work before, what makes you think it will work going forward?


This is absolute nonsense Q

by PEA NOA QU (not verified) on

This is the same IRI system you have been defending all these years. See how easy it was to manipulate the system and take over. At least the Israelis vote counts and there is no cheating Q. At least the Israelis don't massacare their own population Q.

Khak bar sare in Melat Q.


They both are criminal thugs

by Bavafa on

One has only power to inflict crimes within his own boarder and oppress his own people, the other has power to opperss his neigbors with much harsher/brutal ways.




by Anonymous111 on

Some people may pretend to be Mousavi supporters, but their actions and writings say otherwise.

BTW, when did I boycott the elections?


Not in Iran but

by IRANdokht on

only on a Mousavi supporter has to answer to the demands of the ones who boycotted the election and explain his/her position!

This is getting ridiculous!



Q - What's this unborn child's guilt?

by Anonymous111 on

Israel didn't do this to this fetus.  Your beloved IRI did:


Shame on you!!!!!


Mr. Q

by Broujerdi (not verified) on

When are you going to write about your position on the IRI and what it is doing to our Hamvatans? There is much more important news than the usual Zionist stuff. Is this the time to bring this Zionism stuff Q? Which is more important for Iranians? Ahmadinejad stealing the election or this propaganda that will not get the Iranian people anywhere?



That's Right Q- Start the spin machine

by Anonymous111 on

and start talking about Israel to divert attention from this:


Your check is in the mail. 

Shame, shame, shame..