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21-Jun-2009 (one comment)

Iranian Bus drivers join the resistance I doubt they are doing it on their own. This may signal a turning point as Marxist (a traditionally strong element in Iran)are getting ready for a general strike. Already, they are reports that Iran Khodro Auto Workers Begin Work Slowdown

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rosie is roxy is roshan

Why the question mark???

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(uh...marx?..sorry, baaad pun...) 

Of coursevthey would join. They are not delusional They know everyone has to work together.

Montazeri made a statement calling for a day of mourning which is being widely iinterpreted as a call to strike. If it catches on Ali Mostafi may finally have his day...

Did these guys below make a statement yet? They rarely update the English and I can't read enough Persian but I know them! By e-mail I mean..they called me'comrade'. I looooooooooooved it!