lets count the whys?
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21-Jun-2009 (one comment)

1)   It is the moral and right thing to do to support the brave and idealistic (the Congressional Democrats mostly get this. And, after a week of embarrassment, the “I worship whoever runs the White House” pundits are not far behind and scrambling to retract and revise last week’s obsequious columns.). The dissidents in fact can win in this new age of private instant communications, in which global news is not predicated on elite correspondents and news desks editors, but can flow globally and instantaneously, unfiltered, with unforeseen consequences.)


2)   The theocracy is a fiendish regime that hides behind third-world victimhood while it murders and promotes terror abroad. When it totters, the world sighs relief from Iraq to Lebanon; when it chest-thumps, thousands die at home and abroad.



3)   Of the three ways to stop a nuclear theocracy-(regime change, preemption, embargo), supporting the opponents of the regime is the most logical, peaceful, and cost-effective-and has the best chance of success. (Ask the worried surrounding Arab frontline countries).



4)    There is a long bipartisan American history of supporting dissidents who were fighting for election fairness abroad in Poland, Serbia, Latin America, and South Africa. (Does Obama think Mandela did not wish words of support from America? Wh... >>>

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The US is helping already...

by Ostaad on

The US by providing a myriad of "social networks" channels and facilities has let the Iranian people show the world their side of the picture. Iranians have shown they can use various means of communicating using the latest and greatest to the good old "allah-o-akbar" neda from people's rooftops.

Iranians have heard expressions of respect and love for their "culture and civilization" from many Westerners at one time or another. Iranians are not kidding themselves. They may go home and give the streets back to Tehran's killer traffic. But the message is out there. The message is Iranians inside Iran are very much "with it". I am sure both the "rahbar" and Ahmadinejad have gotten the message. Everyone knows the Emperor has no clothes.

The US can and must help this group of Iranians by convincing them there will be an economic system in place away from the government-control "bonyads", and Iran's increasingly influential military-industrial complex stake holders including the "sepah".

The US must start talking about CANCELING ALL unilaterally imposed sanctions against Iran by the US and the EU. This one action will be the best message to the Iranians who are laying their lives on the run, that Iran will have access to capital and technology regardless of who is charge now. The sanctions are hurting the very group that we are admiring for sending us their tweets.