Iranian people will succeed only if the world units against regime!
Time magazine
21-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

Summary: Any successful movements to alter authoritarian and totalitarian regimes almost always depend on internal dissent backed by strong international support. " From the Eastern Bloc to South Korea to South Africa, Panama, Taiwan, Georgia, the Philippines, Nicaragua, and Indonesia.

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رهبر ما قاتله- ولایتش باطله


رهبر ما قاتله- ولایتش باطله

New slogan in Esfahan rooftops.


Unaffordable lapse

by Fred on

Islamist cutthroats’ little helpers including the lobbies are already hard at work trying to deny the unarmed Iranian freedom fighters facing the heavily armed rabid Islamists any meaningful international help. After Rwanda, the conscience of the world cannot afford another lapse.