'The Fear Is Gone'
Wall Street Journal / Kaveh from Tabriz
19-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

Ahmadinejad has taken revenge on the students of Iran during these violent days. The regime's aim is to damage universities, since they are the first base of change, movement and protest. I live in the dorms at Tehran University. I was asleep when Basij militiamen entered my room early Monday morning, demolished everything and started beating us. A man with a long beard broke my notebook and said: "It is destroyed, this book that you were using against Islam and Ahmadinejad." They beat students more when they saw posters of Mousavi in their rooms. And they carried big knives and guns. They also attacked the women's dormitory next door. The Supreme Leader calls us rioters, but I want to ask him: How can sleeping women in their beds be rioters? Is this the Islamic justice he believes in?


No U turn

by peace45 on

Read the whole article: There are  firsthand accounts that were solicited by Journal assistant editorial features editor Bari Weiss. Some were translated from Farsi. Surnames have been omitted to protect the writers.



These people have no heart

by farokh2000 on

The CIA pushed the Shah out because he would not kill more than what he had already.

They brought in thugs who would kill much more, in the name of Islam, re/misrepresented by Khomieini.

These Mullahs have no heart. They will kill, and this will be a very bloody fight.

People of Iran have had it. 

I think the criminal Mullahs miscalculated this time.

Hope to see the burning turbans and rubes in  the streets soon.