Today in Iran Election News (June 17, 2009) / WashingtonTV

Iran’s Mousavi calls day of Mourning for dead protesters

Iran’s presidential candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi, whose apparent loss at the polls on the 12 June election has sparked mass demonstrations and charges of election fraud by his supporters, in a statement published on Ghalamnews website, has designated Thursday 18 June as a day of public mourning for demonstrators who have been killed or injured during clashes with security forces this week.

“Honorable nation of Iran: As you know, during the past days, as a result of illegal and harsh confrontation with protestors and critics of the presidential election result, a number of compatriots have been harmed and a number have been martyred. While expressing condolence to the families of the martyrs and empathy with the harmed and injured, I call on everyone to demonstrate their solidarity with the families [of the dead] in any manner possible, including gathering in mosques and other mourning venues, and displaying signs of mourning; clearly, I too will participate in these ceremonies.”

In another statement which was published today, Mousavi “condemned” what he called “barbaric actions and killing of people” and declared: “The agents ... >>>