Revolution in the air
NATIONAL POST / Payam Akhavan
17-Jun-2009 (4 comments)

Amidst the despair surrounding Iran's fraudulent elections, there are also signs of hope for a better future. The unprecedented scale and audacity of reformist demonstrations in the streets of Tehran and other cities reflect the loss of confidence in the regime among a youthful post-ideological generation which comprises 70% of the Iranian population. The brutal repression of their protests may delay -- but will not prevent -- the inevitable emergence of democratic rule in Iran.

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"Which candidate do bahais prefer?"

by faryarm on

"Which candidate do bahais prefer?"

One can not speak for the whole community; but  


One whose policies promote Truth and Justice as a Foundation for its policies 

One whose policies is fully consistent  with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

One whose experience and character is beyond reproach and can inspire and gain the trust of the nation to unite under one banner.

Which of the Gentleman  candidates is best described by the above? 



Mehdi Mazloom

Only one soultion is left.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Throw the bum Mullahs out of power, and replace them with secular, and democratic government.


Revolution is in the air...

by bob dylan (not verified) on

Reminded me of another Bob Dylan tune but I think this one applies as well. It spoke for a whole generation of protesters during their time as well.


by Anonymous.inquirer (not verified) on

Which candidate do bahais prefer?