West must not take sides in Iran: Brown
16-Jun-2009 (6 comments)

The West must not take sides over Iran's disputed presidential elections, Downing Street said on Tuesday while urging the Islamic Republic's leaders to listen to critics. Speaking as Tehran braced for new demonstrations, Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged authorities there to refrain from violence in response to peaceful protests. "The elections are a matter for the Iranian people, but if there are serious questions that are now being asked about the conduct of the elections, they have got to be answered," he said. "There must be no violence in response to peaceful protests," he added, after seven people were killed in demonstrations in Iran on Monday.


Now Gordon Brown's coward move!!

by peace45 on

Therefore, according to Brown, we must not “take sides.” We’ve come to a strange point indeed when England and America think they have no dog in a fight between consensual government and fascism. How can you not take sides??? Dictatorship VS. Will of People



For their sakes,

by Anonymous tuesday (not verified) on

I agree with anonymousity. It's a no-win situation for all foreign powers and especially the US. I'm sure most of the western world is watching closely and supporting these brave young men and women who are fighting for their future. God bless them all!


Foreign powers should stay out of it

by IRANdokht on

I agree with Anonymousity below.

Well said



How the West could help Iranian people now

by Mehdi on

I think the West  should immediately remove sanctions against Iran! That is the best way the Iranian people will be helped. That would give great support to those who want change in Iran. It will make their case very valid. Once the perceived threat of war is gone, the regime will have no leg to stand on for its persecutions and oppressions.

The West should also immediately ask for talks for the purpose of resolving animosity between Iran and and the West. These two actions will be a very effective blow to stupidity and ignorance and will remove the sources of oppression from the positions of power. 

NIAC war right, working on normalizing Iran-US relationship is the most effective way to help people in Iran. The excuse of "external threat against Islam or Iran" has been the strongest leg that the opressors have been standing on since the beginning. It is time this leg was taken from under them! 

All the 30 years of rhetorics by the West only made oppressors and ignorant superstitious rulers stronger. As soon as the US openly stated that they are no longer attempting to overthrow the IRI, Iranians dared to ask questions from their own government! This is the way out! 


Iranian paranoiacs are at it AGAIN!

by Anonymousity (not verified) on

The British and American governments are abstaining from comment or comment extremely carefully because they do not want to become the focus of the situation, which you can be sure would happen if they stepped forward in support of the revolution. It would very quickly become "Death to Amrika" and "British Imperialists revisit 1953" instead of having the focus on the real issues.


British pigs are at it AGAIN!

by Annonymous (not verified) on

Let's cut the bullshit! If Iranians are to follow Gordon Brown's suggestion it will be reminiscent of 1953!