Extraordinary scenes
Australian Broadcasting Corp / Robert Fisk
16-Jun-2009 (8 comments)

I've just been witnessing a confrontation, in dusk and into the night, between about 15,000 supporters of Ahmadinejad - supposedly the president of Iran - who are desperate to down the supporters of Mr Mousavi, who thinks he should be the president of Iran. There were about 10,000 Mousavi men and women on the streets, with approximately 500 Iranian special forces, trying to keep them apart. It was interesting that the special forces - who normally take the side of Ahmadinejad's Basij militia - were there with clubs and sticks in their camouflage trousers and their purity white shirts and on this occasion the Iranian military kept them away from Mousavi's men and women.

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Not only I don't like the pro-Zionist....

by Souri on

I am also an anti-Zionist, myself. The definition of unbiased is what I have read in this article.

FYI: That "one" manifestation he wrote about, went indeed as peacefully as he described. I have heard the same thing from Iran. That soldier you said "could be a Basiji" according to his article, was not one!! He was among those 500 security guard which is called (garde amniati) in Iran and they are not Basiji.

Let leave this talk please. I'm sure you have better to do in this site than discussing with me about Fisk. He is already known to the people.

Mehdi Mazloom

Khanom Souri

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Khoshkell khanon, from the tone of your writing, it sounds you don't like pro-Zionists (Please correct me if I am wrong)

Considering that, Fred and myself are on the side of the Iranian people, Why don't you tell me, what is YOUR definition of "unbiased"

After all, R. Fisk's own wrting speak for themselves, from which I posted excerpts.


Thank you Faryar aziz

by IRANdokht on

I've always been a fan of Robert Fisk. 



Fred and Mehdi Mazloom

by Souri on

The true Iranian, have thier own definition of the word unbiased, which differ from the dictionary of the pro-Zionist. they don't even share same vocabulary and wisdom with the Zionists.

BTW: this news have been posted by a True Iranian, who is not even a Muslim, leave alone being the Hezbollah... lol

Mehdi Mazloom

Robert Fisk - Unbiased?. Read on

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Lets examine some of his entries and see for yourself.

Quote: In fact at one point, Mousavi's supporters were shouting 'thank you, thank you' to the soldiers.

These soldiers have been seen (through cell phone cameras) shooting and killing protesters, and the protesters are "thanking them".

and this.

Quote: One woman went up to the special forces men, who normally are very
brutal with Mr Mousavi's supporters, and said 'can you protect us from
the Basij?' He said 'with God's help'. 

Does he realize that those "soldiers" themselves could have been basij


Safe to report

No-one's told me not to drive around so I go and see wounded people
and go and watch these confrontations and no-one seems to bother me.

Sure Bob, it is very safe for any journalist when he writes a pro-regime articles- making them look good. such as this.

I haven't ever seen the Iranian security authorities behaving fairly before and it's quite impressive.

Knowing full well that 80% of the Iranians despise this regime, Fisk goes on and writes this.

[The protest] is absolutely not against the Islamic republic or the Islamic revolution.

Now, if you would be a member of that despotic regime, would you prevent such an journalist from making you look such good?. Notwithstanding the killing of innocent demonstrators.




Unbiased Fisk reports

by Fred on

The HAMAS loving, Hezbullah enamored Fisk proclaims:

"They absolutely despise him but they do not hate or dislike the Islamic republic that they live in. "

Yeah Fisky you got it right!


Thank you dear Faryar

by Souri on

This is the most impartial report I have read on recent events, so far. Thanks for posting this here. This is what I always guessed about the result of the election. Hope the calm will come back to my country. Too much blood have been wasted already. I can't stand it.


what a great report, so many thanks

by Bavafa on

For bringing such honest reporting from Iran.  Robert Fisk has earned the respect of so many people and this is yet another example of true unbiasd reporting