On June 2009 Presidential Election in Iran: A Statement by Hamid Dabashi
hamiddabashi.com / Hamid Dabashi
14-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

Whoever the legitimate winner of this election might be, and we may never get to know that fact, the real winners are Iranian people—and no future president of Iran, legitimate or illegitimate in occupying that office, can ever forget or disregard this collective democratic will.

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Professprs should shut up

by Anonoose (not verified) on

A big problem with us Iranians is that academics think they ought to issue political manifestos...and we accept it because we think they are smart! Just think how most intellectuals have managed to lose the political game in modern Iran time after time. We need politicians to engage in politics. Profs should shut the hell up for a while and stay in their dark holes reading their books and thinking their "great thoughts".



by Fred on

The uber-lefty is talking from both sides of his mouth and as usual is not making much sense. He should stick with his pro-Hamas nonsense and put a cork in his delegitimization of all the oppositions to the Islamist republic.  

Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies including this dizzy head and the card carrying rabid anti-Iranian Islamists should not think all are as gullible as they take them to be.  Khodeti!