Chicago Baha'i community prays for change in Iran on eve of election
Examiner / Michael Hughes
11-Jun-2009 (4 comments)

As political rallies explode throughout the streets just days before the Iranian Presidential elections and incumbent ruler Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vows to cut his critics’ hands off, members of the Chicago Baha’i community are likely hoping that the moderate reform party prevails over the Islamic extremists because many of their family members are sitting in prison simply because they believe in world unity, one of the major underlying precepts of their faith. Currently there are at least 31 Iranian Baha’is in prison because of their religion, including 7 leaders of the faith that have been in jail for over a year. According to the Baha’i World News Service, thousands more have suffered harassment, including many of the following human rights violations:

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Mona and Faryar aziz

This is the type of reasoning that is in tune with the majority of Iranians in Iran too. Of course it's not pleasant to be voting for someone who does not have a clean and clear background either, but participating in this election is a form of civil disobedience to show IRI that people want change, they want their rights, and they want freedom.

The slogans have even included Baha'is and Zartoshtis freedom. 

I hope you're voting against the regime that is persecuting so many non-muslims and abusing muslims and non-muslims alike. Granted the President does not have total power of all branches, but electing a liberal moderate will directly effect the lives of those inside Iran. See this clip that was posted by farshadjon

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