Obama in Cairo: Words, Words, Words
05-Jun-2009 (6 comments)

Obama in Cairo: Words, Words, Words

He talks the talk – but will he walk the walk?

by Justin Raimondo,
June 05, 2009 Email This
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The Obama fan club – and by this I mean the media, of course – is already hailing our President’s Cairo speech
as the latter-day equivalent of the Sermon on the Mount, and there is
no doubt that it was a splendid performance. All the usual superlatives
are being unleashed by our love-struck commentariat – soaring,
inspiring, intellig... >>>

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farhad let us all know what

by nojanthegreat on

farhad let us all know what is the meaning of isolation ? i tell people i support iranian goverment , but what you say to them ? when you look at them and say that i like to bomb your city, kill your mothers and sister. take your brothers and rape them and waterboard them ? tell them that you hate IRI and you like amrican and western goverment who give guns and chemical weapons to saddam so he can use them against their families . i think you have hard time , even harder than me.

Farhad Kashani

nojanthegreat, your

by Farhad Kashani on


your idiotic analysis is hillarious! U.S officials mention IRI not in a good fashion, but they're pleaading for ti to act like a responsible, rational and civilized human beings, because they're not! Its pathetic that IRI and its supporters like you has sacrificed our country just because you want to satsfy your attention-wanting desires!

The only ones pissing in themselves are IRI and its supporters like you since they have lost the slightest legitimicy among the Iranian people and the world. IRI was built on tyranny and opression and fundamnetalism, and at some point, they won't be able to continue those, and at that time, I like to see your face when you confront the Iranian people saying "I supported the IRI". You have no idea how alone you are and will be.



farhad my angry reaction

by nojanthegreat on


my angry reaction ? where did you come up with that ?

I am actually very happy . you keep saying Iran is isolated but a quick look at any speech by US officials you see Iran come up in the top of the list.

Obama knowledge 1953 coup , and irons right to peaceful nuke is a victory for Iran , not a lost.

US/Iran relation have made Israeli an other Arabs in the gulf pissing themselves.

and Islam and west are together . they are many Islamic school, masque and centers all around the Europe and America.

Obama has mention he is not to isolate Iran and is looking forward to talk with Iran . sorry that your wet dreams about US/IRAN war , not going to happen . so again it is Israel and people like you and mehdi joon who are being isolated by the world.

once again you are alone .

Farhad Kashani

nojan,I'm making you go crazy, ha!!

by Farhad Kashani on

your angry reaction at any step to bring Islam and the West together and repair the damages caused by Khomeinism is natural. You see your beloved IRI regime as isolated and looking like an a@@.

Like I said, IRI is the biggest loser out of any dialogue and co-existence bwteeen Islam and West.


farhad , you are at it

by nojanthegreat on

farhad , you are at it again, they were also a lot of this moderate muslims who were dancing in baghdad's streets downing saddam's statues . so its not new. obama as the article shows obama have done so little to improve the peace talk but he did alot to hurt jews state place in the area. he is doing great on jewish neighberhoods and what ever he dose have make bebe and his right wing friends mad and sad. and what he does in egypt will help IRI to show how they were right to not give in to jews state and now they are more hopes for the arabs / muslims to their land back .

Farhad Kashani

smhb, eat your heart out!

by Farhad Kashani on


I guess you are pissed off and furious that Obama and all the moderate muslims who were shouting "we love you" in the audience gave your beloved IRI regime the middle finger when they came together in a beautiful display of harmony and co-existence.


You and your beloved regime do not believe in co-existence and civility, so any step or measure that brings the West and Islam together will be agressively fought by the Fascist regime of IRI.


Good job Mr. Prez and all moderate muslims who support Obama and America.