The Origin and Development of Imperialist Contenrtion in Iran
// / Yunes Parsa Benab
03-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

In the process of the struggle for political and economic independence and liberation, the contemporary history of any Third World Country appears shaped by the impact of a dynamic interaction between two logically interrelated phenomena: the imperialists' contention for achieving hegemony over the Third World country [1] and the inevitable national movement which gradually grows out of combating this alien challenge. The history of Iran from 1884 to 1921, when viewed in the context of Anglo-Russian contention in Asia, can provide a case study of this dynamic interaction. Until the Bolshevik (October) Revolution in Russia, Iran had for over a century been involved in Anglo-Russian rivalry for power in Asia. Subjected to Tsarist territorial expansion and British manipulation, Iran like China, Thailand, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Ethiopia had been gradually transformed from a viable and independent political entity in to a chaotic Asian case of underdevelopment

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Farhad Kashani

smhb, why so desperate!

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Wow! As this blind anti Americanism is fading away, this smhb character is becoming so desperate to find anything that remotely sounds anti American that he has to go and qoute Parsa Banab, the infamous Communist!

How desperate are you comrade smhb?? lol, so funny and sad at the same time! I feel bad for you !


History of Nations

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History of nations is but a black pool of tar or oil to the rest of mankind.