Iran wages lonely war on terror
Asia Times Online / Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar
03-Jun-2009 (one comment)

The timing of the attack on the Ali ibn Abi Talib mosque in the eastern Iranian city of Zahedan in the Sistan-Balochistan province bordering Pakistan was by no means casual. Zahedan is a Sunni city. And Shi'ites were mourning the anniversary of Hazrat Zahra, granddaughter of Prophet Mohammad. Over 25 worshippers were killed in last Thursday's attack on the Shi'ite mosque, and 125 injured.

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very revealing articel! US is behind the Pakestan's destrction!

by gol-dust on

What do they have in plate for IRAN? Iran should not be just fooled by rhetorics! Remember the Great Satan? There is a lot of truth in that! Of course that applies more to Israel!