Israeli diplomats told to take offensive in PR war against Iran
Haaretz / Barak Ravid
01-Jun-2009 (6 comments)

In a nutshell, the goal is to "blacken Iran's international reputation." One specific recommendation is that diplomats organize "anti-Iranian events" opposite Iranian embassies worldwide. These could include mock hangings and stonings, since Iran still uses both methods to execute offenders - particularly homosexuals and women who violate its morality laws. "We decided to move from defense to offense," a senior Foreign Ministry official said, explaining the decision to broaden Israel's public diplomacy campaign against Iran to showcase other issues, such as human rights violations, instead of focusing solely on Iran's nuclear program. "We need to show the world who the real Iran is and make sure that the presidential election does not create the illusion that it is a Jeffersonian democracy."


"task force on isolating Iran", new PR offensive

by Q on

Wow, looks like Fred was just ahead of his time!




by capt_ayhab on

With a friend like Israel who needs an enemy. Israel is so know for all the lies, crimes and racism in the progressive world that no amount of PR against crimes of IR is going to buy Israel any credit. These two regimes are in competition for who is who of the worst of the worst.


that was the funnies joke of the day be molla !



I'm wondering...

by Ostaad on

what gives the rulers of Zionistan the impression they can solve the problems caused by criminal, colonial and Apartheid policies merely by a "PR offensive"?!!! Hasn't Israel setup numerous PR task forces to polish its criminal image before?  Have ANY of them worked? Nah, just the opposite.


oh you little devil you

by I have a crush on Fred (not verified) on

Fred says:
"Besides the inbred Anti-Semitism of the Islamists, other nutjobs including their lefty allies, the aggravating factor for their fury is Israel being Iranian nation’s only friend."

I have never met anyone with such hilarious sense of humor Fred joon joonie khodam azizeh delam!

koshti mano az khandeh

Elahi dard o balat bokhoreh too sareh netan-yaboo.


they have been ProzacTive (to Q)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani, Fred, Kazemzadeh, ... and the sad clown have been ProzacTive (kind of proactive) about this.
BTW, Maybe this means Zion is going to come back. I am surprised she hasn't missed you yet.


Due credit

by Fred on

Actually the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies including the East coast based Islamist propagandist should first thank their rabid ruling Islamist brethrens.

 All the rapes, mutilations, public floggings, innovative Islamist methods of mass hangings and the rest of the very Islamist way of doing business have had a lot to do with sullying the image of their concocted “Islamist democracy”.

 Besides the inbred Anti-Semitism of the Islamists, other nutjobs including their lefty allies, the aggravating factor for their  fury is Israel being Iranian nation’s only friend.