Debate Over Child Executions Roils Iran's Presidential Vote
Wall Street Journal / FARNAZ FASSIHI
29-May-2009 (2 comments)

As Iranians prepare to elect their next president on June 12, a range of civil-liberties issues -- from juvenile executions to the freedom to blog -- have become hot topics. Ending a period of relative openness, the government has pursued a clampdown on dissidents, human-rights activists, journalists and students, the likes of which hasn't been seen here in decades.

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i never undrestood the whole

by nojanthegreat on

i never undrestood the whole debate.
most of the people who were hanged in iran did the crime when they were over 16 years old.
i dont see any diffrent between this ages. now if the kid is under 10 thats something , but when you are 16 you are a young adualt .
all of this people who got the capital punishment were invoved in murder cases. and by iranian law if the parents of victim forgive the killer he can go free without any charge.
so why in the hell we dont work on that angel where you can go and talk to victim family and ask them for forgiveness and it will be done.
bu wait , we know most of them not going to do that same as most of iranian who have lost somebody in fatal fights. so we as nation first need to fix ourself and then laws will follow.
iranian goverment has done something about it. agroup of wiseman will go to families places and ask them for forgivness. you can even do that when the hanging is taking a place. so stop the bitching and help the gov to change the victim families mind so this kids can go free.

hamsade ghadimi

they will be in a better place...

by hamsade ghadimi on

although capital punishment in itself is barbaric, executions of children are especially heinous and shows the depth of lack of moral judgement of any government that allows them.  even in a country such as iran where repression of human rights is manifested in so many different dimensions (freedom of speech, unequal treatment of women, etc.), executions of children clearly stands out.  sadly, i don't think that this issue makes the priority list of any presidential candidate in iran.