Today's Election News (05-27-09)
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Mousavi: Iran’s achievements belong to the whole nation

Presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who is touring the province of West Azarbayjan, said on Wednesday that Iran’s most important achievements, such as “nuclear technology or important provincial projects such as the bridge linking Tabriz to Orumiyeh over Lake Orumiyeh,” belong to all of the people of Iran.

“We should not forget that achievements such as nuclear technology did not suddenly fall from the skies but are the outcome of the work of different generations and the round-the-clock efforts of this country’s experts and scholars,” Mousavi said.

Speaking at a meeting in Orumiyeh with a group of West Azarbayjan Province’s the elite, Mousavi also said that if such developments are to be assessed in “monopolistic” terms, we would not be doing justice to other generations.

He said: “It is to our advantage to register these national accomplishments in the name of the nation because we should not link the fate of everything to daily political issues.”

Mousavi also criticized how the “the state executors” confronted such things as “music and language”, saying that in view of “incorrect confrontatio... >>>