A flawed study of ‘rogue' Iran
www.atimes.com / Mahan Abedin
28-May-2009 (2 comments)

The geopolitical rise of Iran and the undoubted successes of its clerical leadership in countering American influence and interests in the Middle East have sparked an intense interest in the institutions and personalities that underpin Iranian success on the international stage.

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They all want Ahmadinejad gone!!

by My two cents (not verified) on

That is why I sincerely believe that Khamenii and the top brass of the IRI have now decided to do away with Ahmadinejad.

EU was having a ball in Iran during the Khatami's presidency but Ahmadinejad came and put a stop to all that plundering by EU and let Russia, China, and Latin American countries to fill the vaccum.

Remember how that Italian prime minister cancelled his meeting with Ahmadinejad at the very last minute. Apparently he's turned into a liability for them all, mullahs and the West. No respectable foreign leader wants to be seen with Ahmadinejad any more. Khameneii and partners gotta get rid of him and they will, one way or the other.

Just my two cents.

khaleh mosheh

A lot of disinformation going on

by khaleh mosheh on

Public perception of Ahmadinejad for example was subjected to a great deal of manipulation from very early on in his career as the president of Iran. Even so called respected BBC journalist such as John Simpson of  BBC have not shied away from spreading rumours. John Simpson implied in 2005 that Ahamdinejad was a hostagetaker -something that was later refuted by the Americans themselves.


I used to think that you could not get more dishonest than the IRI leaders but I now think some journalists have beaten them in that respect.