Newburgh mosque leaders: We don’t preach hate
JTA / Alex Weisler
26-May-2009 (2 comments)

However tenuous the connection between the men and the mosque,
congregants still find it difficult to grapple with the notion of
wannabe terrorists among them. The mosque community prides itself on
strong relationships with other faiths and the greater Newburgh

Rabbi Larry Freedman of the city's Temple Beth Jacob said he made
three phone calls when the news of the bomb plot broke: two to the
rabbis of the two affected Riverdale synagogues and one to the Masjid
Al-Ikhlad's imam, Salahuddin Mustafa Muhammad.

"I said, 'So how’s your day going?' " Freedman said. "And he didn’t
really laugh, but you could hear a smile through the phone. It’s a
tough day."

Dan Huck

They're All The Same! (Are you sure?)

by Dan Huck on

With ourselves and the Israelis informally admitting to being at war with Iran, trying our best to undermine the nuclear power program through clandestine operations, and now coming out more directly and talking about splitting the Iranians into more unmanageable factions than they already are, it's helpful to look at factions here in the US., and the help they get thinking up nefarious plots. I'm sure we're helping the factions of Iran as best we can also. After all, we're not parochial.



They're All The Same! (Are you sure?)

by smhb on

Nefarious zionists??? Thats being mild. How about expanding the same logic to the 911 bombers. It sorta puts things in a totally different perspective. Using the wahabis (a very small, dogmatic, reactionary minority amongst muslims who ahve historically been allied and controlled by the CIA, MI6 and Mossad) to pull off an attack on the US and then sit back and watch the predictable reaction of the US and actually egging them on and providing false intelligence and using zionist occupied congress and media to constantly propagate hate in order to intensify and expand the war and cause even more havoc but at the same claim innocence and portray yourself as the victims needing help and moral support.

Thats the distorted and criminal nature of zionists.