Biden does Beirut: HERESSSSSSSS JOE! / Franklin Lamb
Biden does Beirut: HERESSSSSSSS JOE!

By Franklin Lamb, Beirut 

"It appears that the Biden visit is part
of a US bid to supervise the electoral campaign of a Lebanese party, which
feels threatened politically, in light of the expected outcome of the
legislative vote.  We call on all Lebanese, regardless of their political
views, to rise up against such meddling that represents a flagrant violation
of Lebanese sovereignty.  Biden's visit is part of U.S. efforts to impose
its views on the government that will be set up after the elections. They
are tracing red lines for the future government but we will rise up to
this." -
Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah, Friday morning 5/22/09 as Joe
Biden arrived in Beirut.

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