Today's Election News (May 19, 2009) / WashingtonTV

Official blasts reformists for “harming” election atmosphere

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s deputy head for executive affairs, Ali Sa’idlou,
today, on the eve of the cabinet’s trip to the northern province of
Semnan, described the criticisms and objections to the government of
Ahmadinejad as “the denigrating criticisms being aired in the election
climate” , saying: “Through their misrepresentations, some people are
portraying as critical the country’s situation and are trying, even for
the sake of gaining one vote, to present untruths and false statistics
and harming the joyful and dynamic atmosphere of society. This is being
unjust to the people and the country.”

According to the Iranian
president’s website, Sa’idlou praised the objectives of the
“management” of the cabinet’s provincial tours, describing them as
“love of service”, “a profound look at the problems facing the people
and the country”, and “attending to infrastructural issues”.

said: “The government will take advantage of all the opportunities it
has until the last moment, to serve the country, the people... >>>