24 Years Ago …
Iran Press Watch / Roofia Shahidi-Asdaghi
20-May-2009 (5 comments)

Editor’s Note: This is the story of Roofia Shahidi-Asdaghi. Her father, Mr. Ni’matu’llah Katibpur-Shahidi was arrested in Mashahd and transferred to the prison in Kashmar, where he was put to death with a firing squad after 23 days on July 25, 1981. Her husband, Dr. Farhad Asdaghi, was a member of the third National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran elected after the Islamic Revolution, who was put to death by hanging on November 16, 1984.


The Extent of Suffering

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As we await the verdict of the closed Iranian court dealing with the seven members of Yaran, we are reminded of the events of over Twenty four years ago; the tragic events that forever changed the lives of the Shahidi-Asdaghi family. Mrs Roofia Shahidi-Asdaghi recounts the horror of 24 years ago.



Thank you Faryar for telling us about this wonderful soul

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and Dear Ruhi,

I have experienced such heavenly realm of light  when prayers were offered by pure souls such as our young Doctor Asdaghi.

Greetings and solutations 



Dear Farya, as I mentioned

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Dear Farya, as I mentioned before I consider him as my good friend because He was a friend to everybody, his friendship was so sincere and pure that even that friendship was for a short time but it rooted down deep in my soul, I met him for the first time in a summer school in Hadigheh. He had a heavenly laughter and addressed everybody with so much love and that was true love that conquered your whole being. When he used to say prayers ,belive me and this is not only my experience,other people had experienced this wonderful feeling of being in heavenly world.I remember quite well that in that ocasion, there was a survey about what would you like to do for your Beloved, and many people in that ocasion  offered their lives as a token of their love for our Beloved, and I am sure He was one of those people. as a young doctor he really loved his patients and with his love and care he soothed their wounds and pains and of course he had a great knowlege of medicine eventhoughh he was a young doctor.
He had the opprtunity of leaving Iran as a pioneer, but he said that those were critical times and he wished to stay in Iran and serve his kind and his faith


Dear Ruhi,

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Please write more about Dr Asdaghi if possible...about his life, goals etc...

For many, including myself, it is difficult to try explain to the average person, why and how these human gems and luminaries were able to withstand the torture and face their executioners , often with a smile.




We Honor His Memory.

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Dr. Farhad Asdaghi was a good friend of Mine, he was a young loving and thoughtful doctor, His presence was so overwhelming. He was tortured so mercilessly that he reminded his torturers and executioners the islamic mercy rather than islamic justice, I know when he was executed, a day after his execution his wife offered sweets and candies to the executioners. This is how Bahaullah has taught his followers to treat their torturers and executioners..