UN Secretary General: "I will ask the General Assemly ... to Strip Israel of its Membership"
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15-May-2009 (12 comments)
UN Secretary General: "I will ask the General Assemly ... to Strip Israel of its Membership" Transcript of Statement

by Ban Ki-Moon

Global Research, May 15, 2009

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United Nations General Assembly,
New York, NY
11 May 2009

Mr. President
Ladies and Gentlemen:

With each passing year, we come closer to our past. Every year brings with it momentous anniversaries of events that shaped our world. For example, we have recently marked the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II and of the United Nations itself. These two even... >>>

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mehdi oh mehdi my sweet child

by nojanthegreat on

Mehdi you don’t have a country ? I think you need to know that .

The place that you like to be citizen of is in your imaginations. Sorry kid.

and please don’t compare nazis with Israelis .

we are different from head to toes you can come here and check it for yourself lol

mehdi and people like him try to repeat the same word over and over to make it truth.

UN herself is in fault over the middle east problems as much as USA

but the good news is that today most of the people who once were pro Israelis or at least had positive idea toward her , are changing their mind over the past time.

massive anti Israeli rally in Europe and US and all around the globs shows that the honeymoon that Jews had received past the ww2 era is over now and we are back in the days that no one likes Jews and have anyplace ready for them not even gas chambers or stews lol

and please when I say Jews I mean only Jews living in Israel and the Jews who are in favor of Zionist ideology and Russian Jews.

Persian Jews and others who ,like j street group or local group in bay area and USA in general , have a different view about the midd east , please don’t be offended.

Mehdi Mazloom

ostaad, kosse' sherri galore.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

I am just as a "Zionist propagandists", as you are an "IRI propagandist for the Islamist Republic of Iran".

It is a known fact among educated people  that, when one calls Israelis  "Zionist", they mean Jews with negative connotation. That is the very reason why only Israel's enemies use that label, and no others. (do you hear Egyptians, Jordanians call us by this name?)

If you wish to gain my respect, you will call me by a name which  I chose for myself, not what you chose for me. Period..

You wrote:

I'm not sure how you can claim that I am pretending to be concerned about Israel! 

Actually if you check my post, it says this: (Pals, abbriviated for Palestinians)

You (and your co-hord capt_), my friend, seem to relish attacking my
country with mostly nonsense and pretentious concern for the Pals


I much rather exchange views with smart Israelis, whom I personally know a couple,

Oh yeah,  Many closet antisemites will also tell you "my best friends are Jewish". Kosse' sherri.

How can I exchange ideas with you, when you clearly twist my comments to suit your own biases and prejudecies.?

What happend, inhaling too much of that choppogh? ha? 


Mazloom, I don't think your are qualified to...

by Ostaad on

present the "Israeli side" of story, period. You are a Zionist propagandist who has no clue about Iran.  An Israeli who claims "Zionism does not exist in Israel" is either a lousy liar, or has clue about Israel either.  I'm not sure how you can claim that I am pretending to be concerned about Israel! Do you know me personally or you have access to an unlimited supply of kososher?

I much rather exchange views with smart Israelis, whom I personally know a couple, instead of arguing with a single-cell bottom dwelling Zionist hack like you.

Mazloom you're definitely NOT exchanging ideas. You're just spreading BS.

Mehdi Mazloom

Osaad, bishtar kosse sherri?

by Mehdi Mazloom on

I did not come heret or demon the Iranians, nor do I perceive the PEOPLE there as gullible and ill informed. I came here to exchange ideas and present the Israeli side of the story.Some agree with them, some don't. That is fine with  me.

You (and your co-hord capt_), my friend, seem to relish attacking my country with mostly nonsense and pretentious concern for the Pals. But when we force you to stand up and defend your thesis, then you get all riled up, and start calling names..

What I have found out from few of those whom are not capable to respond on an intellectual and factual level, they resort  to insults, (Zionist), to get their points across

As long as Israel allows more freedom of expression, open debates, unrestricted print media, then in Iran. You have no ground to accuse me, or any Israeli of "regurgitating" the government propaganda.

Don't give me the usual mozza-khrafi generalities. provide details to your argument. Then you and I will have some level of understanding.

Have a nice day



Mazloom, what makes you think iraninian.com visitors are...

by Ostaad on

"gullible and ill informed"?! You are singularly unqualified to inform anyone because your are a bottom dwelling Zionist lackey who keeps regurgitating the same canned Zionist nonsense fed to you just like the Wahhabi jihadis.

Mola Nasredeen

Like a parrot you repeat mindlessly, as I did indicate in my

by Mola Nasredeen on

comment. You don't have an ounce of originality in you. You can't even write your own response to me and have to copy my words. It show how low your IQ is. What can one expect form a Joojeh Zionist like you? Well, you are a product of this racist idealogy.

Mehdi Mazloom

Mola, you are (too) a charlatan and a fake!

by Mehdi Mazloom on

In case you didn't know it. Jews in Iran also werr calling their clergies, Molah.

Now let have some fun.


charlatan is the one who deceives; one who tricks". You have chosen a Jewish name for yourself on this website. Why do you use a name that has religious connotation
for the follower of the Sephardi Jew, while attacking the Israeli people's
beliefs? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Your mother figure Shi'a had
the honesty to name herself after what she believed but you are cheap

You have nothing to add to any discussions involving Israel. Like a
parrot, you repeat whatever the fundementalist  IRI government dictates
to the likes of you. You think we don't know that you copy and paste
IRI's government's positions here?

Mola Nasredeen

MM, you are a charlatan and a fake! charlatan is the one who

by Mola Nasredeen on

deceives; one who tricks". You have chosen a Muslim name for yourself on this website. Why do you use a name that has religious connotation for the follower of the Shia Islam while attacking the Iranian people's beliefs? You are a Zionist Jew living in Israel why have you chosen MM as your blog name? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Your mother figure Zion had the honesty to name herself after what she believed but you are cheap fake.

You have nothing to add to any discussions involving Iran. Like a parrot, you repeat whatever the right-wing Israeli government dictates to the likes of you. You think we don't know that you copy and paste material from Israeli government's websites?

Mehdi Mazloom

Ostaad Obviously you didn't read caefuly

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Here we go again.

Did you read the two articles and compare them. 

The first one was the exact copy of the article from "Global Research" website, quoting ban-ki moon's speech on May 11, during which he allegedly recommends to remove Israel's membership from UN. 

Then I went to  UN's own official website where on the same day, Bank-ki moon DID made a totally different speech about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

I then posted the complete text of the speeches, and  let reader see for themselves truth.

Look, I really don't give a rat ass to what people write against my country. I do  however respect those who DO express their objections to action and policies of both Israel & US.As long as it is made on intellectual level, based on facts. By all means please go ahead and criticize all day long. I will (as I have so far) try my best to reply as best as I can with full respect to the writer position.

This is not the case of "free speech". Rather it goes to core issue of the problem, and root cause of blind hatred between people.

How many gullible and ill informed visitors on Iranian.com would you bet, they would find the schmuck's original post (and link) as true and genuine?. I bet quite a few.

The result - blind and senseless hatred against other people, based on lies, false accusations, and outright blind hatred.


Mola Nasredeen

To our idiot "Zionist resident" propaganda machine, aka, MM

by Mola Nasredeen on

Question: Did Israel fulfill any of her obligations towards the Palestinians whose land it occupied. Don't you have no shame repeating these nonsense day in, day out? Or maybe you are another descendent of all the biggots and racists of the this world. What's the difference between your beliefs and a Nazi? To understand Zionism one only has to change the word: "German race" with "jews", that's the only difference that I can see.


Too good to be true

by Ostaad on

Besides, Ban is putz. Who do you think lobbied to put him there? But he deserves credit for exposing the criminal/terrorist state of Israel.

Mazloom, why are you referring to Ban's speech, whose existence you yourself verified by checking the UN web site as "alleged"?! Do you know what alleged means?

Mehdi Mazloom

smhb - Lebel you a stupid, is still a compliment.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

It took few click and visit to UN own web site to dig your garbage and bring it onto surface.

Here is the version of Ban-ki Moon alleged speech published in the source from which you posted.

United Nations General Assembly,
New York, NY
11 May 2009

Mr. President
Ladies and Gentlemen:

With each passing year, we come closer to our past.
Every year brings with it momentous anniversaries of events that shaped
our world. For example, we have recently marked the 60th anniversary of
the end of World War II and of the United Nations itself. These two
events, inextricably linked, form the basis of what we have come to
know as the modern era, the post-war era.

For me, as Secretary–General, looking back on where
the UN started and where it is now has a special importance, for I am
now charged with guiding the world body through unknown and uncertain
territory. “Terrorism” has long since replaced “arms control” and
“détente” as the focus of international security, yet the term defies
definition. One country’s terrorist is another country’s revolutionary
hero. Some insist that terrorists are opposed to democracy, but we have
all seen democracies behave like terrorists.

In many ways, the world today does not seem to be
very removed from the barbarity of world war. The invasion of Iraq has
lasted longer than World War II, and more tons of bombs have been
dropped on that poor country than all the bombs dropped in that great
war. The International Declaration of Human Rights, so prized and
venerated by men and women of honour everywhere, stands as an impotent
relic of a forgotten time because conquest, cruelty, and arrogance are
still with us and growing stronger.

For all of the good the UN has accomplished since
its founding, and there have been successes, the sheer magnitude of
human suffering and violations of international law that have occurred
and are still occurring must also be taken into account.

Few people know that Israel is the only state to be given a conditional admission. Under General Assembly Resolution 273,
Israel was admitted on the condition that it grant all Palestinians the
right to return to their homes and receive compensation for lost or
damaged property, according to General Assembly Resolution 194 paragraph 11. Suffice to say, Israel has never lived up to these terms, and never intended to.

For 60 years Israel has violated its terms of
admission, and for 60 years the UN has done nothing about it. It has
watched as Israel heaped misery upon misery on Palestine, and violated
international law with impunity.

After “Operation Cast Lead,” no person, no
country, no democracy can look at Israel without thinking of the
inhuman slaughter and destruction committed by the axis powers in World
War II, though one could have said the same about numerous past
massacres. What atrocities might the world have been spared if the UN
had refused to admit Israel 60 years ago?

Of course, the immediate post war world was a different time. The
world had just witnessed the horrors of Hitler’s racist excesses, and
collective Western guilt for the Holocaust dictated attitudes toward
the idea of Jewish state. Even the UN could not withstand the moral

On Nov. 29, 1947, it passed General Assembly Resolution 181,
“The Partition Plan,” to carve a Jewish state out of Arab Palestine.
However, it was never ratified by the Security Council, and so does not
exist in law, which means the UN played no role in the creation of
Israel. Nevertheless, “The Partition Plan” was utterly illegal and a
violation of the
UN Charter, because the UN had no right or power to take land from one people and give it to another.

If it hopes to play a meaningful role in the 21st
century, the UN must do more than simply promise to enact reforms. It
must search deep within its soul to redress the fundamental violations
of its founding principles, which have long since ceased to have any
force. That recommitment must begin now, for it was 60 years ago today,
May 11, 1949, that Israel became a member of the UN. The UN cannot hope
to achieve any measure of peace or justice as long as it condones war
crimes, which it does every day that Israel is allowed to flout its
terms of admission.

The past cannot be undone, but the future can change.
As its newly elected Secretary-General, I promise that the UN will no
longer be a passive enabler of genocide. Therefore, I will ask the
General Assembly to meet in special session at the earliest possible
time to strip Israel of its membership.

Ordinarily, a motion to expel a member
nation would have to come at the recommendation of the Security
Council, but this is not an ordinary motion. Because Israel is in
violation of its terms of admission, it is not a member in good
standing, so the UN has every right to declare General Assembly Resolution 273 null and void. Since Israel’s membership depends on adherence to that resolution, its expulsion is automatic.

Essentially, the unavoidable, lamentable
truth of the last six decades is that the UN has been a moral and
political failure because it has refused to enforce its own rules and
defend the Charter. Nothing the UN does can have any value as long as
this illegitimate member occupies a place in the General Assembly. I
want the UN to have value.

I count on your support.

Thank you very much.


And this is the text of the same speech made on that same day (May 11, 2009) and published on UN own website.

  Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Secretary-General Says Israelis, Palestinians ‘Need Confidence Commitments Made Will Be Commitments Monitored and Commitments Kept’

Following are the
Secretary-General’s remarks to the ministerial meeting of the Security
Council on the situation in the Middle East today:

The Council meets at
the outset of a very important few weeks for the cause of peace in the
Middle East.  In this regard, I welcome and appreciate the
participation of many distinguished ministers at this time and I
appreciate the initiative of the Russian presidency.

After the inconclusive
results of last year’s negotiations, and the bloodshed in Gaza, the
last three months witnessed almost no progress on the two key
resolutions ‑‑ 1850 (2008) and 1860 (2009) ‑‑ recently adopted by this
Council.  I hope that your meeting today will help provide direction
and momentum.

In the period ahead,
United States President [Barack] Obama will host the Israeli and
Palestinian leaders and key regional parties in Washington.  I expect
the Quartet to meet soon, and to consult closely with members of the
League of Arab States.  The challenge is to begin implementing
transformative changes on the ground, and to kick-start a renewed and
irreversible drive to achieve an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.  The
ultimate objective remains the emergence of an independent democratic
and viable Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security
with Israeland a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the region.

Resolving the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict is fundamental for the well-being of both
peoples, the region and the world.  This Council, the Quartet, States
in the region, the international community as a whole and myself as the
Secretary General must each play our full role.  Security Council
resolutions, previous agreements and obligations, and the Arab Peace
Initiative give us the framework we need.  We should be as determined
as we are patient, as insistent as we are supportive, as principled as
we are empathetic to the very real concerns of both parties.  The
parties need confidence that the process will address their vital
interests.  For that, they need confidence that commitments made will
be commitments monitored and commitments kept.

In this regard, I
believe there is a deep crisis of confidence among ordinary people on
the ground, and for good reason.  Palestinians continue to see
unacceptable unilateral actions in East Jerusalem and the remainder of
the West Bank ‑‑ house demolitions, intensified settlement activity,
settler violence, and oppressive movement restrictions due to permits,
checkpoints, and the barrier, which are intimately connected to
settlements.  The time has come for Israel to fundamentally change its
policies in this regard as it has repeatedly promised to do, but not
yet done.  Action on the ground, together with a genuine readiness to
negotiate on all core issues, including Jerusalem, borders and
refugees, based on Israel’s existing commitments, will be the true
tests of Israel’s commitment to the two-State solution.

Ordinary Israelis
continue to seek reassurance that a future Palestinian State will
guarantee their right to live in peace and security.  In this respect,
indiscriminate rocket attacks that have caused loss of life, civilian
suffering and damage to property in Israel are not only deeply
unacceptable, but also totally counterproductive, and must cease.  The
Palestinian Authority must continue its efforts to consolidate progress
in developing and deploying an effective security structure and the
functioning institutions of a future State ‑‑ work which Israel must
facilitate.  For its part, Israel should refrain from using excessive
force that kills and injures civilians, as it did during the recent
conflict in Gaza with such devastating consequences.  Firm and full
respect for international humanitarian law by all parties is

The beginning of
Palestinian self-empowerment has been a key achievement of last year’s
efforts, and must not be imperilled by the financial crisis facing the
Palestinian Authority.  I appeal to donors, including in the region,
urgently to meet unfulfilled commitments, including for budget support
and Gaza’s reconstruction.

I remain extremely
worried about the situation in and around Gaza, with internal
Palestinian divisions and Israeli-Hamas tensions trapping the civilian
population in a vortex of hopelessness.  The United Nations continues
to fully support Egypt’s efforts to achieve reconciliation among
Palestinian groups and is ready to engage a government that unites Gaza
and the West Bank within the framework of the legitimate Palestinian
Authority.  As an interim measure, we would also welcome the
establishment of practical mechanisms that could help Palestinians in
Gaza focus on reconstruction, security issues and preparations for

I am convinced that
the policy of continued closure of the Gaza Strip does not weaken
Israel’s adversaries in Gaza, but does untold damage to the fabric of
civilian life.  Nearly four months after the conflict, in which
3,800 houses and two health-care centres were destroyed, and
34,000 homes, 15 hospitals, 41 health-care centres and 282 schools
sustained varying degrees of damage, we cannot get anything beyond food
and medicine into Gaza to assist a population that had been in the
midst of a war zone.  This is completely unacceptable.

I call on Israel to
respond positively to repeated calls to allow glass, cement and
building materials into Gaza.  In the aftermath of the war, and the
level of human suffering now evident on the ground, I seek the support
of all members of this Council and the Quartet for the United Nations
efforts in Gaza.  We are ready to work with local businessmen to help
start action to repair and rebuild houses, schools and clinics.  I can
assure all of you that we will continue to ensure the full integrity of
programmes and projects.

Indeed, the provisions
of Security Council resolution 1860 (2009) must be fulfilled ‑‑ a
durable and fully respected ceasefire; prevention of the illicit supply
of weapons to Gaza; reopening of the crossings in accordance with the
Agreement on Movement and Access; and progress on Palestinian
reconciliation under the legitimate Palestinian Authority.  Efforts on
these elements, as well as a prisoner exchange, remain the only way of
meaningfully altering the dynamics on the ground for the better.

Finally, Mr.
President, let me emphasize the important regional context.  Arab
countries have reaffirmed their commitment to the Arab Peace
Initiative, which offers Israel the opportunity for acceptance and
security within the region on the basis of land for peace.  This
remains a key framework around which a comprehensive approach to peace
can and must be built.  I continue to believe strongly in the potential
for activating the regional tracks of the peace process, alongside a
rejuvenated Palestinian track, including between Israel and Syria, on
the basis of land for peace.  I support the convening of an
international conference in Moscow.  I also look to Arab and regional
countries to play a positive role regarding the internal Palestinian
situation by urging all parties to turn away from violence and weapons
acquisition, and towards reunification under one Palestinian Authority
committed to PLO principles ‑‑ and, indeed, the Arab Peace Initiative

Like a bicycle that
falls over when left at a standstill, the situation on the ground could
easily deteriorate unless proper direction is given and real momentum
is quickly generated.  Violence and terror will not bring the
Palestinians statehood and dignity, and settlement expansion and
closure will not bring Israel security or peace.  And no two-State
solution can be reached if the situation between Gaza and southern
Israel continues on its present destructive course, or if Palestinians
remain permanently divided.

I call on the parties
to honour all existing agreements and previous commitments and pursue
an irreversible effort towards the two-State solution, including by
fully implementing commitments on the ground.  I also believe the
international community’s credibility is at stake.  We are a long way
from where we hoped to be when we embarked on a fresh push for peace
less than two years ago.  However, I take heart that there is a deep
consensus about the scale of the challenge and the importance of
meeting it.  Let us move forward with confidence and resolve, knowing
that if we rise to our responsibilities, we will help the parties rise
to theirs, too.

Source: //www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2009/sgsm12234.d...