Oregon Senate passes bill ending state investment in Iran
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Oregons state Senate on 5 May passed a bill which would block
state investment in companies doing business with Iran, joining 12
other states that have passed similar legislation.

State Senator
Brian Boquist argued that Oregon should not be investing in a country
that supplies insurgents attacking US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,
according to the Oregon Live news website.

The US military has
said that Iran continues to provide arms, funding and training to
Shiite militants in Iraq, and limited aid to Taliban fighters in
Afghanistan. Tehran says its role in both countries is constructive.

of Oregon Guardsmen have been maimed and killed by roadside bombs
originating in Iran, said state Senator Jason Atkinson, who
co-sponsored the bill along with Boquist, reports the Oregon Catalyst
news blog.

The bill, which passed on a 27-3 vote, now moves to the House.

Deutch, a state senator from Florida, where similar legislation has
been enacted, told WashingtonTV on 3 May that such divestment is aimed
at stopping Irans nuclear drive.

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